The House is pleased to welcome Old Members wishing to dine at the High Table.  Eligible members are those who matriculated at the House for a first degree more than seven years ago or who matriculated at the House for a second degree, diploma or certificate of the University [or as a Visiting Student] more than four years ago.

Dinner is served at the High Table, in Hall, on most nights during each Term. This is a popular service, with only occasional busy evenings when it is not possible to accommodate members; it can also infrequently be the case that no current members have requested dinner and the service is suspended: this is more likely on Saturdays and Sundays.

Old members may apply to dine at the High Table on two days in each Term. This is flexibly implemented by the Steward, taking into account other demands and the House’s busy social programme. There is no entitlement to bring a guest, however, this can occasionally be waived and a guest welcomed. Applications to dine during the Vacation may be made to the Steward.

All arrangements for High Table dining are overseen by the Steward and further information will gladly be provided. A paper, describing the customs and protocols of the High Table will gladly be e-mailed. For all enquiries about High Table dining, please contact the Steward’s PA on 01865-286580 or email: jacqueline.folliard@chch.ox.ac.uk.