Giving from the UK


You can make a monetary donation to the House in a number of ways; either as a single gift, or as a regular gift over a fixed period of time.

Following changes in the law regarding charitable donations from individuals in the United Kingdom, Christ Church is able to reclaim tax on your gifts if you are a UK taxpayer and indicate your willingness for us to do this on a Gift Aid declaration form (incorporated into the donation form). You can also make this declaration to us verbally.

Gift Aid is applicable to all donations including single gifts and regular giving. If you pay tax at the higher rate, you can claim relief on the additional tax paid on your tax return. You can donate this additional tax relief directly to Christ Church by filling in our charity code (WAC25RG) on your tax return, making your gift worth even more to the college at no additional cost to you

Higher rate taxpayers who are expecting a refund of overpaid tax from the Inland Revenue can also use this code on their tax return to donate any refund of tax directly to the House.

The table below indicates how Christ Church benefits from Gift Aid.

You wish to donate each year Inland revenue gives Christ Church each year Christ Church receives each year Actual cost to you each year after tax at 40% (higher rate taxpayer)
£10,000 £2,500 £12,500 £7500
£5,000 £1,250 £6,250 £3,750
£2,500 £625 £3,125 £1,875
£1,000 £250 £1,250 £750
£500 £125 £625 £375
£250 £62.50 £312.50 £187.50
£100 £25 £125 £75