The Harlot’s Press

Helen Pike (1991, Modern History)
The Harlot's Press by Helen PikeSet in London during the reign of George IV in the
tumultuous summer of 1820, The Harlot’s Press follows Nell Wingfield, a gutsy seventeen- year-old print-maker of political pamphlets. Nell’s mother is dead, her stepfather – a hellfire preacher – has just been released from jail, and her brother Tom is about to be hanged for treason.Nell herself has recently returned home after a six-month absence that she would rather not explain. After her mother’s death, she was duped into working at one of the ‘Houses of the Quality’, the brothels on St James’s, where she found herself turning tricks with men at the heart of the English establishment. When one of them is found dead in his bed, it is time for Nell to flee. For the murdered man was a key protagonist in the plot to keep Caroline of Brunswick from the throne, and Nell knows that his political enemies will exploit her relationship with him in an attempt to pin the murder on her...

The Harlot’s Press is a gripping historical drama, in which St James’s and Cheapside, royalty and the rabble become thrillingly entangled as Nell battles to stay alive. This plucky young printeress will show you a London that your history lessons might well have kept from you.

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