How Parables Work

Humphrey Palmer (1949, Classics)

How Parables Work by Humphrey PalmerThis book tries to explain just how Jesus made use of 'parables'. A parable is, of course, a sort of comparison: Look, B is just like A! Our question is, how did Jesus put this relationship to work. In the book this 'way of working' is explained, and then applied to the 70-odd parables which have come down to us. The book claims that it fits them all, i.e. makes good sense of them. This occupies chapters 2 - 9. Other approaches to the parables, of which there are many, are not considered in these chapters; but some are briefly presented in chapter ten.

The book is aimed at a 'general reader'; someone who has come across some of the parables, maybe took a shine to them; or, indeed, has got let in for leading a study group on this subject. The reader of this book would, no doubt, be glad to discover what Jesus meant by the parables, what he used them for. This book seeks to answer just that question. Other meanings - symbolic, prophetic, eschatological ... have been also looked for, in the parables. But did Jesus mean them in those ways?

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