Making a Bequest

Legacies have always contributed greatly to Christ Church and are vital to our long-term future. Junior and senior members through the centuries have benefited directly and substantially from the generosity of their predecessors. Some old members have already named Christ Church as a beneficiary in their wills and the Governing Body is extremely grateful to them.

Christ Church has charitable status and so receives bequests free of Inheritance Tax. Bequests for which no particular purposes are nominated will be credited to the Legacy Fund from which the Governing Body will make allocations according to need. You may wish to indicate in general terms where you would like your bequest used. Some of the possibilities include:

  • Educational provision for undergraduate or graduate students, including additional support for the tutorial system
  • Support for fees and maintenance for undergraduate or graduate students
  • The Library, including books for particular subjects or for general provision, or towards the conservation of the special collections
  • Maintenance of the buildings and fabric
  • The Picture Gallery, including restoration of the paintings and drawings
  • Refurbishment and extension of living and teaching accommodation
  • Research support for senior members
  • Upkeep of the Meadow and gardens
  • The work of the Cathedral

You may like to consider leaving a legacy to Christ Church in one of the following ways:

  • A pecuniary gift specifying an amount of money that you will leave to Christ Church;
  • A legacy of a specific asset or gift in kind
  • A residuary legacy leaving your estate to Christ Church after other legacies, any debts, Inheritance Tax and expenses have been paid
  • A reversionary legacy bequeathing your estate to other beneficiaries and then to Christ Church after your death

Should you find yourself a beneficiary under a will, you may wish to consider transferring the whole or part of your inheritance to Christ Church using a deed of variation. Amounts thus transferred become free of any Inheritance Tax otherwise due. It is very helpful for Christ Church to know that you have made us a beneficiary in your will. We invite you to become members of the 1546 Society. Please contact the Development Office,, if you would like to discuss a planned bequest.