Managing Fraud Risk

Steve Giles (1976, Modern History)
Managing Fraud Risk by Steve GilesAs a former forensic accountant for Deloitte, Steve Giles was involved in headline investigations such as the Polly Peck affair.

Now an international consultant in the areas of governance, risk and compliance, he specialises in how to manage financial crime risk and business ethics, with a client list boasting the likes of The London Stock Exchange and the ACCA.

Fraud can severely damage an organisation’s profitabilityprofitability and reputationreputation, yet many organisations continue to take a reactive approach, thinking about fraud only once it has occurred. As a result they are forced to deal with the consequences

Peppered with captivating anecdotes, this book is the modern, strategic approach to detecting and investigating fraud, while developing an anti-fraud framework in a cost-effective manner.

Clear, logical and accessibleaccessible with each chapter covering a vital aspect of fraud including corporate governance, detection controls, risk and business ethics.

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