Mentoring and Careers

The Christ Church Association Careers Programme

The programme offers advice and other help to Members of the House who are deciding on a career or looking for a job. It is open to any Member of the House, and is particularly helpful for current Members who are thinking about what to do when they graduate and trying to get work experience. 

The programme includes:

1.    Helping Members with individual enquiries
For those who know what they want to do, or who wish to work in a particular country, we will try to enlist the help of an experienced Member.  
For graduates moving to academic posts, we may be able to contact someone at the same university. 

2.    Running Careers Evenings
These include general careers events and events which focus on a specific industry or profession. A number of Members attend to talk informally about their work and experience. 

3.    Organising the CCA Vacation Scheme
Complimenting official internships listed by the Oxford University Careers Service, this scheme offers a number of vacation jobs or summer internships offered by Christ Church Members. The scheme is very popular, and unfortunately we cannot help everyone, but where no job is available, we will try to put you in touch with someone with first-hand knowledge of that industry, so you can at least learn more about it. 
Internships are usually unpaid, and Christ Church offers a limited number of summer bursaries to help meet living costs during career-development activities in the summer vacations

How you can help:

If you are happy to be contacted by other Members who are looking for careers advice, able to organise an internship within your company or industry, or willing to attend a careers evening at Christ Church please see:  Careers | Christ Church Connections (  
Details will be passed on to the Christ Church Association Careers Representative, Tony Hart, who coordinates the scheme. 

If you would like to benefit from the scheme: 

For careers advice or mentoring requests go to: Mentoring | Christ Church Connections (

Other Resources

We also recommend that Members consult the University Careers Service which provides advice and practical help both to students and alumni. 

Members may also consider creating a profile on the Oxford Alumni Community, a network for Oxford Alumni only. The website and the app allow users to search for Alumni and filter by their willingness to help, whether that is by reviewing a C.V. or offering a mock interview. Other filters include industry and location.