In Perpetuity

Christ Church Development Programme

Christ Church (and Oxford) with their long tradition of benefactors and distinguished alumni, have a responsibility not only to uphold but to improve the standards set by past generations. This requires increasing our endowment to match those of our global competitors and to establish an enduring, dependable income flow, which will protect and enhance all our core values.

The key areas which presently drive our fundraising are:

  • The protection and development of Oxford’s unique tutorial system
  • The “needs-blind” admission of undergraduates on merit and potential alone
  • Support for graduates
  • Conservation and improvement of a unique collection of buildings that are at once a national heritage site and a working environment
  • Preserving the tradition of the best choral music at Christ Church

If you have any questions about Christ Church’s fundraising and endowment please contact:

The Development Director, Mark Coote:

1) In Perpetuity

The Christ Church continuous development plan “In Perpetuity” published in 2008, marked the evolution from a finite campaign raising funds for selected individual projects, to a comprehensive programme for the whole House including a clear statement of what the College stands for. Greatly influenced by both the landmark donation of £25 million from Michael Moritz (1972) and Harriet Heyman, and the thinking that lay behind that gift, “In Perpetuity” has become the “business plan” for the House, extending time horizons, incorporating a complete audit of objectives, needs and resources, and providing simple, affordable, and meaningful ways of giving in order to provide an enduring solution to Christ Church’s financial needs, and realise Christ Church’s aim of financial independence.

“In Perpetuity II”, published in 2016, assesses the impact of the earlier programme and projects forward to the five-year period 2016- 2020 and beyond. It adheres to the original objectives, but recalculates the funding requirements and targets, in the light of changed financial and qualitative conditions.

In Perpetuity II

In Perpetuity

The endowment of individual Tutorial posts is a key element in Christ Church’s development programme. To protect and preserve standards of teaching in the University colleges increasingly have to take on more of the costs of posts which were previously jointly funded. Thus for each subject a general endowment fund is needed to secure permanently a tutorial team, which will continue to offer the best level of student fulfilment. 1i) Tutorial Posts

Please click on the brochure images to find out more about each individual fund:

Charles Stuart brochure.pdf

Classics brochure.pdf

English brochure.pdf


PPE brochure.pdf

For further information please contact the Development Director:


1ii) Student Support

Christ Church currently spends in excess of £90,000 in bursary/ hardship/ scholarship support, of which the majority is means related. This sum is additional to the support given by various trusts funds and has to be found from annual expenditure. The need for bursary support is growing as the impact of increased fees bites. Oxford University Opportunity Bursaries help, but are only applicable to restricted income categories, leaving a hardship trap for many who do not qualify.

Bursary support and needs blind admissions are the flip side of the coin to an admissions process free from quotas or social engineering. It is thus imperative that Christ Church builds up an endowment fund for a permanent solution to assisting those who without such financial support would otherwise be unable to accept the opportunity of an Oxford education.

1iia) The Annual Telephone campaign and bursaries.

Since 2007, the annual telephone campaign has concentrated on bursary support. Members are asked for their support during their gaudy year, in order to build an endowment fund of £2.75 million for this purpose. 


1iib) Moritz-Heyman Project

The University of Oxford has recently received a significant pledge of £75 million, from Christ Church alumnus Michael Moritz and his wife Harriet Heyman, towards the funding of bursaries for the most financially disadvantaged undergraduate students. 

The gift will be made to the University in three instalments of £25 million, the first of which has already been received. Each subsequent instalment is conditional upon the collegiate University raising a further £50 million for undergraduate student support.

A gift to Christ Church, directed to undergraduate student support, will count towards this challenge. You can learn more about the Moritz–Heyman Scholarships here.


1iic) Graduate Scholarships & Bursaries

In 2011 the Christ Church Graduate Common Room celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Graduate study is now integral to the House and the University, and has resulted not only in the enrichment of Oxford’s academic, cultural and sporting life, but in benefits for the country and the whole world.

However, it is increasingly difficult for graduate students to get funds from the Research Councils in order to pursue their studies. On graduation many students are reticent about reading for a second degree as they have accumulated debts of £30k+, and only one in three Oxford students secure full scholarship funding across all graduate courses. Thus more than ever graduate studies need to be supported.


  • Improve Christ Church’s chances of retaining our brightest students and attracting the very best others through fully-funded scholarships. The availability of scholarship funding is key to attract today’s internationally mobile top students.
  • Secure the future of the University, as graduate students make an essential contribution to Oxford’s ground-breaking research. Many graduates are academics of the future; Oxford and its colleges are their ‘training ground ‘.
  • Enable access to all for a world-class collegiate education through Bursaries.
  • Assist with funding so students can focus on intellectual enquiry, not material necessity.
  • Enable others to experience what you enjoyed as members of the GCR.

“I met some wonderful people in the GCR who enabled me to broaden my view of the world and stretch my personal boundaries. Many of them remain my closest friends to this day.” Zar Amrolia (1984). GCR President, 1985-86

 GCR Scholarships Brochure.pdf


Your gift will help in creating fully-funded scholarships:

The University of Oxford has set up a matched funding scheme specifically aimed at endowing Graduate scholarships. Under this scheme new gifts secured by a college can be supplemented with additional funds from the University on a 60:40 basis.

To create each fully-funded scholarship Christ Church would need an endowment of nearly £1 million, but the new University scheme helps greatly towards that goal.


If each of our former graduate students gave just £20 a month for a year that would raise enough to create a fully-funded scholarship when paired with the University’s matched funding.


1iici) The Keys’ Bursary Endowment Fund

Your gift will help support unfunded or only partially funded student: GIVING BUTTON

GCR members themselves have created The Keys' Bursary Endowment Fund. It has been set up with monies from old unclaimed deposits on keys and a donation from GCR savings. In addition GCR members contribute a voluntary £2 each a term through battels, which it is hoped they will continue on a monthly basis, once they have gone down.  When complete, it will support a graduate student with inadequate – or no – funding from external Research Councils or the University.


1iicii) The American Friends' Scholarships

In 1995 it was decided to establish the American Friends’ Scholarships for American graduates of North American universities who wished to pursue graduate studies in any discipline at Christ Church.

Support for these Scholarships was the initial goal of the American Friends’ Annual Appeals and over a period of time funds were raised to support as many as six or seven scholars annually. The principal component of the American Friends’ Annual Appeal remains the support of these Scholarships which have gone from strength to strength. Since their inception 58 students have benefited from them, many for more than one year.

Thanks to the generosity of our US-resident members and friends since 2004 the American Friends have raised £460,000 for the American Friends’ Scholarships. Should you wish to support the Friends in this project, or indeed any other, please contact:

Mr Peter S Paine Jr
President American Friends of Christ Church, Inc
Champlain National Bank
PO BOX 130
3900 NY State Rt 22
NY 12996

Download a donation form here.


1iii) Restoration and Upgrade of Buildings

The sheer scale of the buildings and the very special features that make Christ Church unique amongst colleges carry a financial encumbrance that puts huge pressure on the budget. The Library, Cathedral, Meadows, Picture Gallery and Cathedral School are all valued parts of the whole, but add an additional £1.75 million to annual running costs compared to most other colleges.

Members and Friends are encouraged to direct their gifts to any part of the House which has a special resonance with them. The Library has recently undergone a major refurbishment project and embodies all that is special, but financially demanding, about the fabric of Christ Church. It is no ordinary college library. It is precious both for its architecture and contents; but it is large and expensive to run. Donations are still welcome to help endow its upkeep in perpetuity.

Library Document.pdf

Members are especially encouraged to name their old room:

A room may be named with a gift of £25k gross (£20k before Gift Aid for UK tax payers). This money is put into a sinking fund for building projects across the College. A gift of this magnitude also qualifies the donor for membership of the Board of Benefactors (qv)

Christ Church’s Meadows and Long Horn cattle, the gardens, and the sports ground are all other areas for which the House would welcome your support.


1iv) The Boat Club Endowment Project

The Boat Club Endowment Project aims to secure the future of the Boat Club in perpetuity. All new gifts and pledges to this project will be matched pound for pound by Alex Beard and his wife Emma, and we hope to be able to celebrate the successful completion of the project at the 200th Anniversary of the Christ Church Boat Club in 2017.

Please see a letter from Sir William Gladstone introducing the Boat Club Appeal here.

ChChBC Endowment Project Brochure.pdf

2) Christ Church Cathedral Music Trust

The formation of the Music Trust was prompted by a strategic commitment from Christ Church permanently to guarantee the quality and standing of the Choir, as it is of fundamental importance to the College, the Cathedral and the wider community. The main aims of the Trust are:

1. To preserve, in perpetuity, a tradition of the best choral music at Christ Church, through endowment of 60% of its cost.

2. Within that target, to increase scholarship funding for Choristers to 100% of school fees, in line with other world-class Cathedral choirs, to ensure that affordability is no impediment to Christ Church attracting the best voices.

3. To support, in partnership with the Friends of Christ Church Cathedral, ancillary facilities and projects, befitting a choir of such quality.

Supporting the Trust

If you are interested in supporting the Trust, or would simply like to find out more, please download our brochure below or contact the Cathedral Registrar, John Briggs:  

 ChCh Music Trust brochure.pdf

4) Ways of Giving:

All gifts to Christ Church are very welcome. Donations can be made as single or regular gifts in a number of ways - by standing order, by cheque (payable to Christ Church, Oxford), by credit or debit card, or by direct debit. We can also accept gifts of shares and of real property.

Your gift can be allocated to any area of your choice. If you choose not to specify a project, you can be assured that your donation will give the college ultimate flexibility in allocating your gift to the area of greatest need. By making a gift, you are directly benefiting the House. Your participation also greatly strengthens our hand when we approach major donors outside Christ Church, such as companies and charitable trusts, for their help in these important projects.

For further information on making a gift to the House, please see the following sections, or contact the Development Office: 01865 286325


4i) Single and Regular Gifts from the UK

Click here to donate a one off gift online.  To set up a regular donation online please click here. To download a gift form please click here.  All cheques should be posted to:

Development & Alumni Office

Christ Church

St. Aldates



United Kingdom


4ii) Giving Shares or Assets

Christ Church also accepts gifts of shares or assets such as property or artwork.  Any gift of assets is  tax efficient and free of capital gains tax.  For more information on making a donation of this kind please contact the development office.

4iii) Giving from the USA

Donors can make a gift via our US charity, the American Friends of Christ Church, which has been determined by the United States Internal Revenue Service to be a tax-exempt public charity with 501(c)(3) status.  To download a donation form please click here.  Checks should be made out to the American Friends of Christ Church and posted to:

American Friends of Christ Church, Inc
Champlain National Bank
3900 NY State Rt 22
NY 12996

4iv) Giving from Other Countries


Click here to download an international gift form. Christ Church is recognised by the Canadian Revenue Agency as part of the University of Oxford’s status as a prescribed institution under Section 3503 of the Canadian Income Tax Regulations. We will directly issue a tax efficient receipt upon receiving your donation.


Christ Church is registered for Transnational Giving which allows tax efficient giving within selected European countries.  Please nominate Christ Church as the institution when making your gift.  More information on the process can be found on the Transnational Giving Europe website.  If you have further queries please get in touch with the Development Office

Rest of World.

Click here to download an international gift form or here to donate online.  Cheques should be posted to:

Development & Alumni Office

Christ Church

St. Aldates



United Kingdom


5) Making a Bequest

Christ Church as an institution has been profoundly shaped by legacies over the years. Mercury, the Lee Building, and the SCR all owe their origins to the wills of members, and many other areas of College have received funds at one time or another from a legacy.

The library has been a particular beneficiary of bequests over the years. In addition to the men who left their own libraries to it – which now form the bulk of the antiquarian collection – Richard Creswick left us a share of his estate in 1989 which still funds most of the library’s book purchases today.

Recently bursary support for undergraduates has featured in bequests, both great and small. John Wyatt not only ensured that funds in the Southdown Trust, which he created, were in part passed over to the House, but he left a personal legacy too.

Other legacy gifts have ranged from a few hundred pounds to hundreds of thousands; all are gratefully received. In the UK about 7% of people leave a legacy to a charity, with about 12% of graduates including their alma mater in their will. Christ Church formed the 1546 Society to recognise the generosity of members who have indicated their intention to leave a legacy, and to thank them.

A legacy indicates a wish to protect, for ever, what we value most. By its nature, the benefaction comes at a time when we will no longer be there to witness its contribution. Any compensation therefore comes in the knowledge that it will secure a most worthwhile cause of great importance to us. Thus a legacy is not just for the next refurbishment or decade; it is to endow for ever some part of what we hold most dear in the work or fabric of the House.

The 1546 Society looks back to the beginning of the Joint Foundation and forward in perpetuity.

The benefits of leaving a legacy to Christ Church

Estates valued below £325,000 are exempt from inheritance tax. Above that level assets are taxed at 40%. However, gifts to registered UK charities, such as Christ Church, are exempt from Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax. Additionally, since 2012, if you leave 10% or more of your estate to a charity the tax on the remainder of the estate is reduced to 36%. Thus a gift from you to Christ Church can reduce the amount of tax payable out of your estate.

The US has particular regulations for bequests and Planned Giving, and many other countries offer tax relief on gifts to the House, because of its charitable status.

How to leave a legacy to Christ Church

If you already have a will and would like to alter it to include Christ Church, you can use this codicil form.  If you decide to do so please let us know so that we can thank you with membership of the 1546 Society.

There are a number of ways in which you can recognise Christ Church in your will, and the method you choose will depend on your circumstances.  The most common form of legacy is a specified sum of money, but it is also possible to donate a specific asset, a percentage of your estate, or its residuary after gifts to other people or charities.  If you would like further information on leaving a legacy, or to discuss these options, please contact Mark Coote:

6) Give Now

7) Board of Benefactors

The Board of Benefactors recognises members and friends of Christ Church who have made donations of £25,000+. The Board has a dual purpose in that it is both recognition of a major contribution to our development objectives, and also a vehicle for participation in our future. It is hoped that it will encourage an ongoing interest in Christ Church as well as a willingness to offer advice, connections and continuing support.

The recognition elements of the Board include:

* Invitation to the Benefactors’ Gaudy with guest
* Rotational invitation to Deanery dinners and symposia with members of Governing Body
* Invitation to lectures, exhibitions, Cathedral services and other events held at the House
* Benefactors’ names will be recorded on a commemorative board
* Benefactors will receive a Board of Benefactors certificate signed by the Dean

For more information contact the Development Director, Mark Coote:


8) Recognition


1546 Society

The 1546 Society recognises members and friends of Christ Church who have informed us that they intend to remember Christ Church in their will.  The Society aims to publicise and to encourage legacy giving as a means of supporting the House, and to thank those who have informed us that they intend to leave a Christ Church.  There are currently over 175 members spanning most matriculation years from 1937 to 2005.

The Society hosts an annual lunch to coincide with the Sunday of the alumni weekend in September, and members receive free entry to all Christ Church Music Society events.

If you have already made provisions for Christ Church in your will, please let us know so that we can thank you with membership of the 1546 Society.  If you would like further information on leaving a legacy to Christ Church please contact Mark Coote:

Moritz-Heyman Project

In order to encourage recent leavers to start donating regularly to Christ Church, the Moritz-Heyman Project was launched in 2015.  Thanks to the generosity of Sir Michael Moritz and Harriet Heyman all gifts made by members within eight years of matriculation or five years of leaving (whichever is greater) will be doubled.  Together, a large number of modest gifts have a transformative effect, and recent leavers are therefore encouraged to start supporting the House as soon as they can, with a gift of whatever size they are comfortable with.

In recognition of their contribution, members will receive a certificate from the Dean, and an invitation to an exclusive annual event.

Room Naming

In order to establish a regular and structured approach to the renovation and upgrade of undergraduate accommodation, a sinking fund is being established to accumulate resources (or at least commitments) ahead of the need to spend. This will alleviate some element of ‘fire fighting’ from the process and enable the Treasury to plan capital projects in advance of a situation of urgency.

The naming of a member’s room at  is an appropriate vehicle for such a fund. Not only does it allow them to record their time at the House for generations to come, but also makes possible an accumulation of funding that, even if paid in monthly or annual instalments, will provide a predictable source over a number of years.  Room naming also qualifies members for the Board of Benefactors (see above).

Chorister Medals

Those exceptionally generous supporters who provide funds sufficient to endow a choristership in the Cathedral Choir (currently £210,000) receive a Chorister Medal in recognition of their support.

Other Naming Opportunities

Other naming opportunities are available.  To discuss these options please contact Mark Coote: