Student Support

It is a priority for Christ Church to admit the best and brightest, without financial barriers to study.

Christ Church currently spends over £1m a year on student support, with the majority being means related. Over half of this support is for Graduate scholarships, continuing our excellent traditions of research.  

  • We provide several bursaries and financial hardship grants
  • We subsidise accommodation and meals for every student
  • We cover around half the cost of tuition and rent

We are very proud of the support we have received from Alumni and friends already, allowing us to support students whilst they are up, but we need to do more to continue to attract top students.

Bursary Endowment

Christ Church has been fundraising for our bursary endowment since 2010. The purpose of the endowment fund is to create a permanent and enduring fund for students who need support. Alumni have responded enthusiastically and generously with donations, aware of the financial pressures on current students. Bursaries are important not only in supporting students during their time at Christ Church, but in attracting students to apply to Christ Church by making it affordable to do so.

Graduate Scholarships & Bursaries

Graduate study is integral to the House and the University and contributes not only to the enrichment of Oxford’s academic, cultural and sporting life, but nationally and internationally through research and graduates’ further contribution to society. You can read more about what some of our graduates are working on on the Christ Church blog

However, it is increasingly difficult for graduate students to get funds from the Research Councils in order to pursue their studies. Only one in three Oxford students secure full scholarship funding across all graduate courses. Therefore, more than ever, graduate studies need to be supported.

We need to improve Christ Church’s chances of retaining our brightest students and attracting the very best others through fully funded scholarships. The availability of scholarship funding is key to attract today’s internationally mobile top students.

Making it happen

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