Student Support Fund

It is vital that a lack of financial resources do not prevent a student from applying to and thriving at the House.

Image of Christ Church Upper LibraryA hallmark of alumni giving at Christ Church has been the continuity of Student Support. Donations towards helping students during their time at the House – and thereby making the most of the many opportunities that we are able to offer – have led the way in the collegiate university. In fact, the House spends more on Student Support and on access and outreach activities than any other college. Amidst a rising cost of living, and changes to fees and government funding, it is vital that we increase the bursaries, subsidies, and grants available to our students.

Basic needs such as housing and food should never be a concern for our students. 23% of our undergraduates currently receive subsidies worth up to 50% of the cost of college accommodation and termly dinner cards, and we also have a generous Financial Assistance Fund to help students meet any additional difficulties.
Since the pandemic, there is demand to expand the remit of book grants to also provide monetary support for digital and tech items including software, hardware, and computing equipment which are essential to students’ work. To enable this to be offered to all students, funding is required.

173 academic grants of up to £330 per student were allocated in 2021/22.

We want to ensure that none of the transformative opportunities offered during an Oxford education are out of reach due to financial constraints. To give students the best possible start to their career after Christ Church, Summer Bursaries are provided to low- or medium- income students undertaking an internship, lab placement, or academic course. Travel and language study grants facilitate international, archival, and hands-on research for our students, and sports grants help students access sports who wouldn't otherwise be able to.

13 Summer Bursaries and 92 travel grants were awarded in 2021/22.


The welfare of students is vital to a thriving educational environment, and the welfare team at Christ Church is made up of over 30 individuals. In addition to the Welfare Co-ordinator, Clare Hayns, the Censors, and a Welfare Tutor, Christ Church employs an on-site counsellor, three on-site graduate Wardens, and a College Nurse. We also provide JCR and GCR representatives with funding for Peer Support training, ensuring that students can access help at every level, from friend to Fellow.

Peer Support training costs £300 per student trainee.


By giving to Student Support, we can provide more bursaries, subsidies, and grants, to ensure that no student with the ability and potential to study at Oxford is deterred from making an application to study at Christ Church, and that no current student is held back from accessing their full potential.


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