These Are Our Children

Julie Maxwell (1995, English Literature)

These Are Our Children by Julie MaxwellFlorence is pregnant and absolutely positive it’s her husband’s. Unless it’s Thomas’s.

It wasn’t a fling. Florence believes she can love two men at the same time – for reasons we discover later. But Thomas has his own battles to fight. A Professor of Neonatal Medicine, he has invented a new incubator that promises to save the lives of very premature babies. But the implications for parents – and politics – are fraught with controversy.

Then Thomas clashes with Helen, a nurse grieving for her own baby, recently miscarried. Suddenly he is face to face with the human consequences of his technology and Helen’s actions have a devastating impact on all their lives, including her own.

These Are Our Children is written with the authority of personal experience. It is a first-hand bulletin –  accurate, unflinching, compassionate – from a common area of women’s experience that has been occluded until now. It draws back a curtain and lets us see.  It breaks a silence. Julie Maxwell is available for interview.

Julie Maxwell is Fellow in English Literature at Exeter College, Oxford. Her first novel, You Can Live Forever published in 2007, won a Betty Trask Award and was Book of the Month on BBC Radio Five Live. She is married with two young children and lives in Oxford. 

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