The Voyage of the Kumbuka, Dr Dalykov's Promotion, Duster and Daughters and Rifts of the Earth

Simon Freebairn-Smith (1955, Classics)

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The Voyage of the Kumbuka by simon Freebairn-SmithThe Voyage of the Kumbuka

Power - Political Power, Personal Power, Spiritual Power. We love Power. We flaunt Power. We abuse Power. We kill for Power. Many devore their lives to the pursuit of Power.

Follow the adventures of Dirisha and Kiongozi as they strive to learn the truth underlying their ruined wprld, as they seek to combat and destroy the abuse of Power by Hukumu, the evil High Priest. Share in the Love of Lozi, whose story takes her from her origin as a lowly slave-girl to her destiny as queen of Cyprus. Enjoy the journey of the Kumbuka as she carries her crew to freedom and their destiny.

The voyage of the Kumbuka is a tale of love, adventure and the quest for truth - might it not also predage the future of our modern, fallen world?


Dr Dalykov's Promotion by Simon Freebairn-SmithDr Dalykov's Promotion

Margate 1978. When Roland Corncrake decides to open his new school hall with a festival of the arts, he cannot know that this will change his family for ever.

When Lucius Dalykov decides to seek promotion, he cannot know that this will lead to the death of his oldest friend.

When Athenais agrees to produce a comedy, she cannot know that this will transform her future.

How are these decisions related to The Green Court, the River Thames, and the London Underground?

Only love can tell.


Duster and Daughters by Simon Freebairn-SmithDuster and Daughters

When at Oxford Roger Duster meets Gloria Sorrin how could he know his infatuation with her will lead to disaster for himself and his family? That Gloria holds the secret to his father's past?

In Kenya why does Malaya spend her life plotting vengeance with her daughter against a man she has never met and how could the Minister of Health be involved?

In a fascinating tale of crime and its consequences the author shows how our lives are intertwined in many unexpected ways with all whom we meet along the way.



Rifts of the Earth by Simon Freebairn-SmithRifts of the Earth

Naked Greed and the Misuse of Power: the besetting sins of the stong from the dawn of history, and more than ever so today in the twenty-first century.

What would be the reaction of First-World countries, if unbounded natural resources, badly needed by their economies, were to be discovered in a Third-World African Nation? Max Leidentrott, sailing home from the Far East with his family in their yacht, is about to find out. With the help of his sons and friends, he contrives to nullify the intrigues of the unscrupulous in favour of the oppressed. They are determined that Justice shall prevail, but at what cost?