Women at the House - Professor Judith Pallot

Professor Judith Pallot came to Oxford from a lectureship in Leeds University in 1979 and has been responsible for developing the teaching and research of Soviet and Russian Geography, and actively sought to promote interdisciplinary links in Russian and Eastern European Studies. Whilst at Christ Church, she taught core papers in Human Geography, as well as the geography of post-Soviet Russia and Eastern Europe.

Portrait of Judith Pallot in the HallProfessor Pallot is the first female fellow to have her portrait in the Hall, joining illustrious former members and other figures associated with college, such as Henry VIII, Cardinal Wolsey, John Locke and William Gladstone. As well as this, she is of particular significance at Christ Church due to her status as the first female Official Student (Fellow).

In this film Professor Pallot discusses what it was like to be the first woman tutor appointed at the House, and the journey from “she’ll do” to having her portrait hanging resplendently in Hall!