American Friends Scholarships

In 1995 it was decided to establish the American Friends’ Scholarships for American graduates of North American universities who wished to pursue graduate studies in any discipline at Christ Church.

Support for these Scholarships was the initial goal of the American Friends’ Annual Appeals and over a period of time funds were raised to support as many as six or seven scholars annually. The principal component of the American Friends’ Annual Appeal remains the support of these Scholarships which have gone from strength to strength. Since their inception 58 students have benefited from them, many for more than one year.

Thanks to the generosity of our US-resident members and friends since 2004 the American Friends have raised £460,000 for the American Friends’ Scholarships. Should you wish to support the Friends in this project, or indeed any other, please contact:

Mr Peter S Paine Jr
President American Friends of Christ Church, Inc
Champlain National Bank
3900 NY State Rt 22
NY 12996

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