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Curious about Christ Church?

Written by Emily Essex, posted on Thursday, June 21, 2018

Behind the scenes


Emily EssexMy name is Emily Essex and I am the Cathedral Assistant at Christ Church. I work in many different departments and talk to all sorts of fascinating people including some who, as a visitor, you might never get to meet.

And so, dear reader, I propose a journey to discover the hidden treasures of Christ Church: the history, the place, and the people.

Over the coming months I will be talking to various members of the Cathedral community to explore the Christ Church that you don't normally get to see. Join me to uncover its surprises, its quirks, and peculiarities (curiouser and curiouser...) as we explore the behind-the-scenes world of Christ Church Cathedral.

Next week we begin with Jim Godfrey, Verger and author of the Pen Portraits, including that of Cardinal Wolsey.

Join me each month to find out the answers to questions like:
What is a liturgical bodyguard?
Who are ‘the Un-verge-ables’?

And, Exactly how many minutes late was the White Rabbit?