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The Greening of Blue Boar

Written by John James, posted on Monday, February 13, 2023

Ever since the last refurbishment of Blue Boar, when the small amount of planting that existed was removed, the area between Kilcanon and Blue Boar Street has been a rather grey and soulless space with nothing to soften the architecture.

After much debate it was decided that rather than removing sections of paving and planting things in the ground, it would be better to source some faux lead planters and plant these up with a variety of trees and shrubs. Although this will need some extra maintenance in terms of watering and feeding, it will avoid issues with roots interfering with underground services, and as they can be moved around it will make future building works and scaffolding easier.

The plants were selected for their suitability to grow in large containers and to give some year-round interest as well as flowers and scent at certain times of the year.