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Home Schooling: Undergraduate Life at Home during the Pandemic – Part I

Written by Ayman D’Souza, posted on Thursday, February 25, 2021

In the first of two blogs by students currently working from home, Ayman D’Souza (3rd year, Medicine) describes the challenges of lockdown life and learning.

Ayman having yet another Zoom meeting.	Like many other students, I'm tackling this term online once again. Of course it's not the same to be doing university from home, but this virtual world also presents lots of new opportunities. Last week, I went from a lab meeting with collaborators in Hungary, to a lecture from a clinical neurologist at the John Radcliffe (Oxford's main hospital), to a pub quiz with friends across the country. 

The JCR reps have also organised lots of activities to keep their fellow students entertained, including a walking bingo ("Wingo") in which I just about managed to secure a prize for the first time: a voucher for G&D's, our local ice-cream shop! We also recently had the first meeting of the JCR’s  new Equality and Diversity Committee, which was a great way to have constructive conversations about the positive changes everyone in the Christ Church community can make to improve our social environment. 

Ayman’s furry friend joins in with online learning!As a finalist, I've also been coming up with new ways to get our freshers involved and connected to the older year groups, which is especially important for medics who span six different year groups. We are just about to launch a journal club to help us all with our evaluation and presentation skills for medical research, and to provide a regular opportunity to socialise between year groups. 

Admittedly, university from home is not quite the experience I wanted in my final year as an undergraduate, with remote tutorials and recorded lectures. I'm lucky to be able to look forward to another three years in Oxford after this one as part of my clinical medical training, and I have my fingers crossed that in that time, I'll get to enjoy a lot more of the sometimes rainy but never boring city, which I grew to love in my first two years.

I can't wait to be back in the summer and sink my teeth into everything Christ Church has to offer once again!