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New Blog Series Launching: Christ Church Cathedral in 25 Objects

Written by Jacob Downey, posted on Thursday, June 4, 2020

Whilst you may not be able to explore the Cathedral in person at the moment we’d like to throw open the doors virtually. So over the coming week’s well be looking at the history and everyday life of the Cathedral through the history, stories and uses of 25 objects from around the Cathedral. Each object has been nominated by a member of the Cathedral community ranging from huge slabs of stone to small intricate wood carvings. Some items are iconic, familiar to anyone who has walked through the Cathedral doors, others are more unusual things that even the most regular cathedral goer might not have noticed. Some are works of art, others are much more functional but all play a unique part in the history and working life of the Cathedral.

  In time you’ll be able to come to the Cathedral and see these objects for yourself, in fact we have some interesting things planned for then, but whilst that’s not possible enjoy some virtual exploration. You might even discover something you’d never have noticed if you were visiting in person.