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Out With the Old...

Written by John James, posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Planting planAs we begin to feel the change in the weather into autumn, it's time to start the changeover of summer bedding planting schemes to the winter/spring planting.

As usual we have started with the Rose Garden area of the Memorial Gardens, one of the most photographed spots in Christ Church, and working in there can feel like being in a zoo with all the cameras clicking!

The stages of the changeover are as follows:

Firstly, the old summer plants were dug out and taken away to be composted before the borders were dug over and levelled.

Secondly, slow release fertiliser and our own recycled compost was spread over the beds and then dug in to add organic matter and nutrients for the winter bedding.

Thirdly, the plants were brought up from our nursery and laid out according to the planting plan, this winter’s scheme is pale blue with cream and yellow. The plants (around 2,500 in total) were then carefully planted and firmed in. The next operation was to plant the bulbs (1250) to give extra colour in the early months of next year.

A final tidy up and a mow, followed by sowing some grass seed on the bald spots where the grass was killed by the hot, dry weather or by the summer planting spilling out onto the lawn completed the operation.