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Torpids 2022 Day Two Report

Written by Anna Betteridge, Boat Club President, posted on Friday, March 4, 2022

The OURCS website does not appear to be up to date so this webpage may help

Thursday’s results may have been less impressive than those on day one, but every single crew put in a huge performance for the House. 

A summary of the day:

M4      -1

M3      -2

W3      -2

W2      +1

M2      -->

W1      -1

M1      -->

M3 and M4 found a common enemy today, and it wasn't each other! Instead, it was the menace of a seat coming off mid-race. I have it on good authority (and some wonderful video evidence) that both seat-less rowers continued their efforts, arms-and-bodies-only, and definitely did their crews proud. I'm confident that on Friday M3 and 4 will be climbing back up the rankings.

W3 had bad luck but rowed an incredible race with a last-minute substitution. Tomorrow they chase Osler W2 to begin their ascent through Division 5.

W2 continued their bumping streak, securing an overbump on Regent's Park in the gut. Tomorrow they chase St John's and Queens in the hope of repeating the performance of the last couple of days.

M2 successfully defended their 2nd Boat Headship, rowing over in the middle of Division 3. Tomorrow they defend against Wolfson M2, and chase Worcester W1 again, searching for that elusive bump! 

W1 put in an amazingly tenacious performance in Division 1, closing Oriel to a quarter length on Greenbanks. A crab on BH Island gave Wadham an opportunity to move up, and despite an excellent recovery and push from our girls to hold them, they conceded the bump at the end of the Island. So today, Friday, chase Wadham and Oriel to regain their place on bung line 5. 

M1 closed St Catz to less than a canvas opposite the BH, but Catz managed to hold out until the line off the back of some excellent defensive decisions. They have the opportunity again today to move up to 2nd on the river.

Please brave the elements and come to support.