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On Vaccination - Canon Ward

Written by Graham Ward, posted on Wednesday, February 17, 2021

On Strove Tuesday I had a booked appointment for my vaccine at the Kassam Stadium. It’s well signposted to get there. You just have to avoid the consumer temptations of the Sainsbury’s Superstore. It’s a labyrinth trying to find your way out, and in that may be an allegory. From the moment you are waved on into the parking lot to the check-in desk, pre-screening and jab itself, the courtesy and care is overwhelming. You are not a number, this is not a production line, and whatever your age, occupation or status you are treated with utmost respect, genuine warmth and generous amounts of smiling. I was in and out in twenty minutes, but it wasn’t the efficiency that I found remarkable. It was the NHS care. I left through a back exit into the carpark and felt I’d experienced something of the Kingdom of God. Thank you, NHS.