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'Visceral vs Virtual': A Report of the Exhibition at the North Wall Gallery by Peter Rhoades and Kassandra Isaacson

Written by Peter Rhoades, Christ Church Fine Art Tutor, posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Kassandra and I have been friends and working associates for a long time. Recently our studio work began to develop a common theme concerning our experience of the mass media and its effects on daily life and professional practice. Some of this involves psychic disruption and challenges as to how we conceive reality, particularly in respect to the growing use of digital media in place of more direct, physical communication. Since there appeared to be a shared thread of ideas we thought it appropriate to consider sharing an exhibition of work.

The exhibition did happen during last February/March but only after a long delay because of Covid lockdowns. It was held in the North Wall Gallery in North Oxford, in my opinion one of the best exhibition sites in the city and very well managed by Nicky Laird. The work was of paintings and collages with one large wall hanging by Kassandra. We thought that this made a coherent and successful presentation which seems to have been warmly received and led to interesting discussion.

We are very pleased to have undertaken and shared the experience of creating the exhibition and grateful to the very positive support from those at the gallery, and from Jenni Navratil for the excellent quality of the publicity.