Christ Church Faith Provision for Students & Staff

We hope you will find Christ Church a welcoming, tolerant and hospitable space for those of all faiths, beliefs and none. This guide was written to give an idea of what Christ Church currently offers its students and staff.


Students of all faiths and no faiths are able to light individual candles in the Cathedral and there is space for this in the Latin Chapel (the far left). It is usually also possible to arrange candle lighting around particularly festivals such as Chanukah and Yom HaShoah - contact: It is not permitted to light candles in your student accommodation or at your work station - electric/ battery operated tealights for use in student accommodation / work stations are available from the Chaplain if desired.


We serve Halal meat every evening along with vegan and vegetarian choices. This needs to be ordered in advance. We currently do not provide additional kosher food on a regular basis but this can be provided if required for special occasions. At formal hall we have regular dinners to celebrate different festivals, such as Divali, Purim, Pairinirvana, Burns Night, Chinese New Year, and Christmas. We do this by adapting our menu, decoration and, on occasion, providing additional entertainment. Students can speak to Food Reps, who meet with the kitchen team weekly, to request other special dining events.


– During Ramadan students can book and collect their meal after sunset.

There is a University-wide Muslim prayer room in the Robert Hooke Building, which students can choose to use to share Iftars with others.

If there are any other requests in relation to food please contact:

Student Accommodation

There are two ways in which you can be pre-allocated a room. The Academic Office deal with all medical room requests; if you are requesting a room on religious grounds then please email the Chaplain. Rooms are allocated on a case by case basis. There is heavy demand for rooms so please limit your expectation of what might be possible.

Adjustments to academic work or work owing to religion of belief

Staff: Please speak to your Line Manager/relevant College Officer

Students: please speak to the Chaplain and/or the Academic Office. Please note that requests to adjust the scheduling of exams on religious grounds need to be made early in the term before you sit examinations, and requests for other adjustments should be supported by medical or other evidence. 

In summary - two types of adjustment are possible: adjustments for the act of observance and adjustments for the effects of observance. Where possible, the College and University will make adjustments to accommodate the act of observance. These may be either anticipatory adjustments (avoiding scheduling on certain dates) or adjustments in response to requests. It is not possible, however, to alter the format of assessment to accommodate the act of observance (for example, by providing extra time). It is, however, possible to apply for adjustments due to the effects of observance if, for example, fasting has an effect on performance and is, therefore, an extenuating circumstance for which you may wish to submit Mitigating Circumstances Notice to examiners. The Academic Office is happy to discuss any of these issues with you and see what form of support is most appropriate to your context.

Prayer/Meditation Space

The Chapel/Cathedral is available for individual private prayer and meditation for all members of Christ Church. It is a space consecrated (set apart) for Christian worship so corporate worship can only be Christian in that space - there are daily Church of England services in the Cathedral and a termly Roman Catholic Mass. Many spaces are available to students for corporate prayer of their faith or belief across the University. Any lecture room or teaching room that is bookable via the online booking system is available as a prayer space, including the Chapter House, which is booked via the Cathedral Office –

Specific Festivals

Calendar of Festivals

The University Equality and Diversity Unit publishes a calendar of equality and diversity dates each year as a guide. This includes significant religious festivals. It can be found here:

Christ Church has produced a Calendar of Events which include religious festivals. Diversity Calendar.


The University Hindu Study Centre organises an annual celebration which is University wide. See the HUMSoc facebook page and Hindu Study Centre details at the end of this document. Christ Church holds a Diwali dinner alongside the University Indian Society, which normally involves additional entertainment.

Yom Kippur

We are aware that at times the Jewish festival of Yom Kippur falls within Freshers’ Week and we ensure no compulsory events are scheduled over that period.


– see food section

University Chaplains of All Faiths, Beliefs and Denominations

A contacts list of college chaplains as well as chaplains of all faith and denominations across the University can be found here – the Christ Church Chaplain is also well versed in provision of chaplains across the university as they meet with the chaplains of all faiths and beliefs each term in the Student Ministry Forum across Oxford so please do speak to her.

University faith and belief societies

Information on faith societies, groups or religious centres in Oxford:

Student Faith Reps in Christ Church

These roles usually rotate annually and depend on whether students wish to be a point of contact for their faith, religion or belief. If seeking to be linked into a faith/belief student rep please either email the chaplain: or your ERM Rep.

Some Key Places of Worship for Students across Oxford

Richmond Rd Synagogue:

Robert Hooke Muslim Prayer Room:

There is no Hindu Temple in Oxford but the Hindu Study Centre offers provision for festivals and celebrations in Oxford:

Sikh Gurdwara, Headington:

Greek Orthodox:

Russian Orthodox:

Oxford Buddhists:

Roman Catholic Chaplaincy:

Other queries

If you have queries or questions not covered by the headings above please do get in touch with Christ Church Chaplain or the Ethnic and Religious Minority (ERM) reps / or, if you are a member of staff, your line manager/responsible College Officer.

If you would like to contact the Equality and Diversity Unit in the University regarding University wide queries or issues - contact details can be found here: