The Blue Book 2020-2021

Information & Regulations for Junior Members
(Including Covid-19 Information)

Updated for Hilary Term 2021



Section I: General information:

Key Contacts
  College Officers
  College Staff
College Policies & Codes of Practice
  Christ Church Equality Policy
  Complaints Procedure (Junior Members)
  Harassment Policy & Procedures
  Safeguarding Policy
  Transgender Policy
  Prevent Policy
  Freedom of Speech Policy
  Privacy Policy
  Social Media Guidance
  Policy On Academic Integrity in Research
  Policy On Illegal Drugs, Alcohol Abuse, Smoking and Vaping

Section II: Student regulations during the pandemic:

What to do if you are ill
Government information
Social distancing
  What do the social distancing rules mean for members of Christ Church?
  Social distancing rules in other venues (outside College) and activities

Section III: Information for new students and student arrivals

Student responsibility agreement
University cards
International students and Tier 4 visas
Safe travel
What to bring
Arrival dates, including early and late arrivals
What to do on arrival
IT set-up information for new students
Late arrivals
Luggage (returning students only)
Passport and visa scanning
Support for early arrivals
Data privacy
Arrangements for students in quarantine
Freshers’ Week

Section IV: Studying at Christ Church

The Academic Year
Course Regulations
Teaching during the pandemic
Annual Registration
Academic work in term and vacation
Academic Obligations
  Criteria for good academic standing
Residence requirements
Excusal from residence
Mail and Email
Year abroad and fieldwork
College and University Website
  Christ Church website
  Oxford University Website and Student Gateway
University Student Handbook
Communication and Consultation
Copying and copyright
University Library services
The College Library
  College Library services for students not in residence
Computing and Internet
University Examinations
  Entering Names for University Examinations
  Examination Arrangements
  Mitigating circumstances notices (MCE) to examiners
  Missing an Examination
  Failure of First or Second Public Examination
  Illegible Scripts
College Examinations (Collections)
College Awards and Prizes
  Scholarships and Exhibitions
  College Book Prizes for Performance in University Examinations
  Other Prizes
Degree Days

Section V: Health and welfare

Internal College resources
  Welfare emergencies
  College Chaplain and Welfare Coordinator
  Welfare Tutors
  Personal Tutors
  College Advisors
  Academic Registrar
  College Counsellor
  Welfare Reps and Peer Supporters
  Harassment Advisers
  University-wide services
  The University Counselling Service
  Togetherall: supporting mental health wellbeing
  Student Advice Service
  Sexual harassment and/or violence
  Resources for student parents
  Resources for care leavers
  Resources for estranged students
  Support from academic departments and faculties
Medical Support
  College Nurse
  College Doctor
  Dental Treatment
Disability Support
  The Disability Advisory Service
Suspending Status
Undergraduate suspension
Graduate suspension
Fitness to Study

Section VI: Life at Christ Church

Information about living in College during the pandemic
Key provisions and general protocols
Face coverings
Student Households
Socialising safely in college
Accommodation in the vacations
Quarantine during term-time
Accommodation contracts
Visitor protocols
College rooms –‘living in’
  Allocation and Occupation
  Maintenance, Decoration and Servicing
  Smoking, vaping and Illegal Drugs in College-owned buildings
  Student Possessions Insurance
  Vacation Conferences
  Overnight Guests in College
  Health and Safety
  Electrical Safety
  Fuel Economy and the ‘60% House’
Health and safety and security
  Security and Safety
  Fire Safety
  First Aid
  Snow and Ice Clearance
Living Out
The Junior Common Room(JCR)
The Graduate Common Room (GCR)
The JCR and GCR: Code of Practice

Section VII: Facilities

Protocols for booking and using communal rooms and outdoor spaces
  Track and trace
General protocols
Protocols for face-to-face teaching and meetings in communal rooms
Outdoor Spaces
  College gardens
  Marquee in the Masters’ Garden
  Marquee bar
  Other outdoor spaces on the main site
  JCR Rooms
  GCR Rooms
Communal Room and Outdoor Spaces at Liddell
The Music Room
The Art Room
The Picture Gallery
The Cathedral
Mail and Messages
The Gates

Section VIII: Recreation and Societies

College Clubs and Societies
College Plays and the Christ Church Dramatic Society
Noise and Other Disturbance
Sport and Sport Safety

Section VIIII: Fees and Finance

Fees and Charges
  Continuation Charge (Postgraduates Only)
  Subsidies and discounts
  Charges for Additional Private Events
  Battels (College Bills)
  Book Grants
  Travel Grants
  Christ Church Summer Bursaries
  Language Study Grants
  Year abroad financial support
  Grants for Academic Purposes
  Sports Grants
  Student Support Grants and Loans

Section X: Resources and Links

Appendix A: Non-Academic Disciplinary Procedure
Appendix B: Academic Disciplinary Procedure