Blue Book Section VII: Recreation and Societies

College Clubs and Societies

The President or Captain of any club or society that wishes to be registered (or to reconfirm its registration) at Christ Church must complete a form annually and submit it for approval to the Junior Censor before events can be organised or bookings can be made in public or private rooms or at the sports ground. Forms are available from the College website. In the case of Christ Church sports societies, these are separately registered as a group via the JCR/GCR Sports Rep who will use the special registration form for sports societies, which registers on its own with the approval of the Steward.

Junior members are not permitted to suggest that any organisation is associated with Christ Church in any way unless it has been registered and approved for the academic year in question. Failure to seek permission of the Junior Censor or to promptly return the permission form will result in the club or society’s suspension.

College Plays and the Christ Church Dramatic Society

Christ Church Dramatic Society supports student drama involving members of the College. It has recently helped to fund ever-popular garden plays in College as well as a number of successful productions outside of Christ Church. This includes the first ever student drama production at the Sheldonian Theatre and new student writing at the North Wall Theatre, in addition to supporting Freshers at Oxford Playhouse, plays at the O’Reilly, and elsewhere. The Society has also arranged gatherings with theatre professionals. 

The Society’s Honorary Treasurer is Dr Sophie Duncan.  For further information and informal advice, she may be contacted at

4th and 6th Weeks of Trinity term have been reserved for undergraduate plays in the Cathedral Garden. Applications should be made to the Treasurer by the end of 2nd Week of Hilary term for permission to perform a play in the Cathedral Garden and will only be considered from acting companies with clear links to Christ Church or from Oxford University Dramatic Society. Further information and advice may be obtained from the Treasurer’s Administrator, Ms Sally Gillard. Arrangements during the pandemic will be kept under review.

Noise and Other Disturbance

Members of the College must be free to study in peace, and the peace of those who make their homes here should also be respected. In particular, avoid holding noisy conversation, including whilst using mobile phones, in the quadrangles late at night.

This includes accommodation outside the main curtilage located in St Aldate’s Quad, 117 St Aldate’s, Abbey Road (including no. 12), Botley Road, Cripley Road, and the Liddell Building. If reports of noise or other anti-social behaviour are made to the Porters, then the on-duty Warden will be asked to visit the property and to report students making unacceptable noise or other anti-social behaviour to the Junior Censor. For Treasury-managed offsite accommodation, further details on noise and sociable hours are detailed in the tenancy agreements.

Celebrations after examinations, as at other times, should not be disruptive or cause untidiness on College premises. The throwing of confetti and the like is wasteful and unsightly and offensive to many. The Junior Censor may require payment of fines and cleaning up costs for excesses of this kind. Moreover, ‘trashing’ is against the University’s Code of Conduct:

Student conduct within a six-mile radius of Oxford city centre and in the vicinity of all University examination venues is covered by the University’s Regulations for the Activities and Conduct of Student Members.

Specifically, students must not in any public place within six miles of Carfax throw, pour, spray, apply, or use anything in a way that is intended or likely to injure anyone, damage (including defacing or destroying) any property, or cause litter. Possessing anything with the intention of causing injury, damage or litter is also prohibited.

Additionally, students must not obstruct any public place in the vicinity (within 300m) of an examination venue by gathering there or by failing to comply with an instruction to disperse.

Students who wish to support their friends coming out of examinations are encouraged to bring flowers or balloons. Foods and liquids (including drinks) may not be brought and, if found, will be confiscated by the Proctors’ Officers or by Security Services.

The Proctors’ Officers and Security Services will be present at examination exits and will report misconduct to the Proctors. Failing to comply with the Regulations for the Activities and Conduct of Student Members constitutes a breach of the Code of Discipline and could lead to a £300 fine or misconduct proceedings (which could result in a larger fine or expulsion).

More information about student conduct and misconduct proceedings is available in the University Student Handbook.

Sport and Sport Safety

Please note that arrangements for sports facilities may vary during the pandemic, and the information below predates pandemic restrictions. For up-to-date information about provision, please check the relevant website.

  1. Rowing - Safety on the River

    It is a University and College rule that all Junior Members rowing on the river must be able to swim, and must meet any requirements of the Oxford University Rowing Clubs including passing their swimming test. All Christ Church rowers must complete a safety form and medical questionnaire, and confirm that they have been inducted for use of the ergs and weights in the Boat House; forms may be obtained from the President of the Boat Club or the Steward, who is the Senior Member and Treasurer of the Boat Club. Further information can be obtained from the President, Head Coach or the Steward.

  2. Squash Courts

    The College has two squash courts, which may usually be booked through the College website. Bookings may be made for one-hour slots only. The courts are to be used solely for playing squash, and appropriate white-soled footwear must be worn at all times. Further details are available from the Senior Treasurer of the Amalgamated Clubs, Professor Jason Davis.

  3.  Sports Ground

    Arrangements are detailed on the College website.

    The Christ Church Sports Ground is among the best in the University with excellent pitches. It is a short distance from the College on Iffley Road.

    All facilities are booked here by registered users: Junior Members are expected to abide by the University rules relating to particular sports, which can be found on the University Sports website.

    Users of the Sports Ground need to be aware of personnel, vehicle, plant, and equipment movements throughout the Sports Ground and particularly in the vicinity of the roadway between the Workshop and the equipment compound. The pathway and steps between the Groundsman's Workshop and the MUGA should be used in preference to the road.

    The University Safety Officer is Andy Hadcroft, who can be contacted at Further details are available from the Senior Treasurer of the Amalgamated Clubs, Professor Jason Davis.

  4. Gym

    Junior Members are usually permitted to make use of the indoor fitness suite at Magdalen College School, outside the normal school hours of use (08:30 - 17:30 Monday to Friday). Members of Christ Church have priority of use during school terms on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 18:30 - 20:30. Registration and attendance at a short induction are required.

  5. The Oxford University Sports Complex

    Christ Church has provided finances that permit all Junior Members membership of the Pulse Gym and Rosenblatt Swimming Pool.* To activate your membership, please show your University Card when you visit the Sports Complex. Updates, including Covid regulations, and full timetables for the pool, gym, and Iffley Road running track are available at

    *Please note: The power-lifting (heavy weights) club room requires a separate membership, which is available at a small additional cost to Christ Church Junior Members.