College Registration, Freshers' Week, and Beyond

Freshers' Week timetables can now be found under the Downloads section on this page. 

Introductory talks will be held for Freshers soon after their arrival, alongside many other workshops and welcoming social activities. Attendance at some events is compulsory, and registers will be taken. Further details will be shared by email. 

International students who are on a Student Visa will be asked to submit to the College a scanned copy of both their passport photo/ID page and their BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) card, via a secure online portal. Slightly different arrangements will be in place for some students who only receive an electronic visa. Relevant students will be sent a separate email about this with further instructions from the Academic Office in September.

College Registration, Freshers' Week, and Beyond

Freshers' Week Schedule

The Undergraduate Freshers' Timetable and the Graduate Freshers' Timetable can now be found under the Downloads section on this page.

Please also refer to the information and instructions regarding Meals in College on the following webpage: If you have dietary requirements please visit the Hall Manager as soon as possible after arrival, to obtain your special diet card. 

The Blue Book

The Blue Book (Information and Regulations for Junior Members): note that this is the 2021/22 version. The 2022/23 version will be uploaded before the start of term and students will be sent a link to it at that time.

The Blue Book is the College’s Student Handbook and contains very important and useful information about procedures, general processes, and regulations. This document must be read in full, from beginning to end, by all Christ Church students every year (following updates).

The University Student Handbook

The University Student Handbook

The University Student Handbook provides general information and guidance you may need to help you to make the most of the opportunities on offer at the University of Oxford. It also gives you formal notification and explanation of the University’s codes, regulations, policies and procedures.

Health and Welfare

The following information is also available to view as a PDF with images, attached to this page.

Welfare Support at Christ Church

Congratulations on gaining a place at Christ Church. We are writing to you as Welfare Coordinator (Clare) and Junior Censor (Kevin). Clare lives on site with her family and so you will see her around regularly. Kevin is the Senior Member with overall responsibility for welfare (and discipline, but we don’t need to worry about that now!).

Christ Church is a wonderful place to live and study, and we hope you are getting excited about the move. At the beginning of term you will receive a Welfare Handbook and you can also access all of this information from the welfare pages of the Christ Church website.

At Christ Church we believe that it is vital that you have the support that you need to enable you to thrive here, in your studies of course, but also personally and socially. If you have a pre-existing support need such as a physical or learning disability, a mental health issue or a particular personal or family issue, then it’s really helpful to let us know before you arrive so we can make sure we have support in place for you. We work closely with the University’s Disability Advisory Service and University Counselling Service to ensure support is in place as soon as possible after arrival. This information is confidential and won’t be passed on to tutors unless you give us permission to do so.

Each September we arrange a short 1:1 conversation via Zoom/phone between all undergraduate freshers and a member of the welfare team. These give you an opportunity to ask anything about life in Christ Church before you arrive and to speak about any concerns you might have. These will take place during the week beginning 12th September and we will be in touch about it in due course.

Here is some information in advance about the support available from the College and University.

College Support

We understand that there may be times when things get tough and most people need some support at some stage in their time here, even if that’s just a chat with the welfare coordinator, a walk round the meadows with a peer supporter, or some advice from the nurse. There are quite a number of us in the welfare team and you can find out more on the website, or from the JCR and GCR Welfare Handbook.

College Welfare People

Welfare Coordinator / College Chaplain – Clare (

Clare is a good person to go to in the first instance and if she can’t help she can give advice as to the best person to go to. She hosts a ‘Brain Strain Tea and Cake’ every Thursday which a good chance to meet others and take a break from work.

College Nurse – Hanne Due (

Hanne is here every day and her hours can be found on the college website. All appointments will in person or via Teams/phone. These can be made by emailing Hanne.

College Counsellor – Wanderley Santos (

Wanderley works for the University Counselling Service and sees Christ Church students every Tuesday from 9-5pm. Appointments for Michaelmas Term will be mainly be in person but Team can also be arranged. These can be made by emailing Wanderley.

Academic Office – Helen Etty, Sarah North, Melanie Radburn, Rebecca Varley, Ruosi Zhang, Amy Place (

The Academic Office is the first port of call for on-course student queries, including examinations, academic problems, grants, bursaries, prizes, and financial support. Helen, as Academic Registrar, leads the office and is also the College’s Disability Coordinator and so get in touch with her with all disability related questions.

Wardens – Declan Pang and Sanskriti Swarup (and another to be appointed) (

The Wardens are graduate students who are on-call throughout the night and at weekends so there is support available 24/7 during term time. Wardens can be reached via the Lodge or

Welfare Tutors – Alex Vasudevan and Kate Lebow ( and

Your tutor/college advisor is normally your first point to call for academic concerns but we also have two Welfare Tutors who are available if you need someone from outside of your course to speak to for advice or guidance.

Welfare Reps

JCR       Yan (Yingyan) Yu  

GCR     Kate Friesen and Aoife Miralles 

Peer Supporters

Many concerns students have can readily be addressed by discussing them with one of their peers. This is the reason we have Peer Supporters, who are a group of your fellow students, and so appreciate your situation in the way that only peers can, but who have also been trained by the University Counselling Service to better equip them to give support. 
The Peer Support Coordinator is Alexander (Alex) Demby.

We also have student reps who are very happy to chat and to answer any question you have. All can be contacted via email (

Disabled Students Officer – Solas McDonald (JCR) and James Cullis (GCR)                   

LGBTQ+ Rep – Zina Gharakhani and Benjamin (Ben) Thomas (JCR). The GCR rep is to be appointed

JCR Ethnic and Religious Minority Reps – Ade Olugboji and Nyat Aron-Yohannes (JCR)       

JCR Gender Equalities Rep – to be appointed                             

JCR International Officer – Michalina Maksymowicz-MacIata 

JCR Freshers Reps – Leeya Odedra and Sam Fineman 

An excellent booklet prepared by the Welfare Officers will be given out when you arrive which has all the information you might need about support at Christ Church and across the wider university. More details about all the members of the welfare team are to be found on the website:

University Support

Disability Advisory Service  

The Disability Advisory Service (DAS) provides information, support and resources for those with sensory or mobility impairments, long-term health conditions, specific learning difficulties, autistic spectrum conditions or mental health difficulties. It is vital you get in touch with the DAS before you arrive if you have a support need. Christ Church has two link advisors at the DAS, Pauline Graham ( who assists students with physical disabilities and Suzi Hughes ( who assists students with mental health disabilities. You can make contact with them directly, or via Helen Etty, our Academic Registrar and College Disability Coordinator ( For more information on the DAS see the website linked above.  

University Counselling Service

The University has an excellent counselling service which is freely available to all undergraduates and graduate students. If you need to have counselling in place before you arrive here then email them via the link on their website. We also have an on-site counsellor one day per week: more details under College Support.

Podcasts and Resources

The Counselling Service have put together a range of resources including some very helpful podcasts and the ones titled ‘Advice for Freshers’ and ‘International Students’ are well worth listening to before you arrive. You can access them via the link above.

Finally, one of the most important members of the Welfare Team is Layla the Cockapoo! Layla lives on campus and enjoys being walked every day by students! There is even a ‘dog-walking rota’ that gets sent out every week in term time and so if you like dogs, you’re coming to the right place!

We really look forward to meeting you and we wish you every success and happiness during your time at Christ Church.

Best regards,

Clare, Kevin and the ChCh Welfare Team

College Facilities

Information about the College's facilities, such as the Art Room, Music Room, and laundry facilities, can be found in the Blue Book:

Libraries (including induction timetable)

Libraries will play a big part during your time at Oxford, whether providing access to online articles on your reading list or helping you find that elusive book. The Bodleian Libraries is the library service supporting the University and can help you get the most out of your course. For undergraduates, a short 30-minute webinar has been scheduled into your timetable to introduce you to the Bodleian Libraries and how they can help you. This will take place via Microsoft Teams. There is no need to register; just click the link in your timetable to join. You will get the best experience by joining via the Teams desktop app, but you can join via a browser too (Google Chrome is recommended). If you have any accessibility requirements you would like to declare, please contact

Additionally, and for graduate students, you can attend a tour of your subject library. Details are on the Bodleian’s Getting Started webpage where you can also watch a brief welcome video. For details of the library/libraries for your subject area, and to watch a brief video about the subject library, visit the Bodleian’s Libraries web page.

In addition to the University Libraries the College also offers extensive Library services:

College Libraries

Face to face tours (by subject) of the main library and Law Library will be available during 0th Week. Undergraduate tours will include a brief introduction to the Upper Library for students who might want to access special collections (manuscript and rare book collections). Students with a disability or long-term health condition who would benefit from a one-to-one induction to help familiarise with the library and its services are encouraged to contact the College Librarian (

Christ Church Library Induction Sessions 2022

Tuesday 0th Week (4th October)

10:00-12:30 and 15:00 -16:30

Drop-in sessions for freshers whose tutors have set work early and for undergraduate students in other years who might like a refresher or were not able to attend a full induction last year.

Wednesday 0th Week (5th October)

For undergraduate students studying:

10:00 Modern Languages (single and joint honours) & Oriental Studies

10:20 Fine Art, History of Art

10:40 Geography

11:00 English

11:20 Engineering

11:40 PPE

12:00 Economics & Management

14:20 Medicine

14:40 Biochemistry, Biological sciences

15:00 Physics

15:20 Chemistry

15:40 Mathematics

16:00 Computer Science, Mathematics & Computer Science

16:20 Experimental Psychology, Psychology & Philosophy

16:40 Music

Thursday 0th Week (6th October)

For undergraduate students studying:

11:00 Ancient & Modern History, Classical Archaeology & Ancient History, Classics

11:20 History, History & Politics

12:00 Philosophy & Theology, Theology & Religion

Friday 0th Week (7th October)

10:15 Law (meet in Tom Quad)

11:00 Drop in for undergraduate students who could not attend their time slot

16:00 Induction session for graduate students (all subjects)

IT Information

Please read the information on our IT page for students at Christ Church.

Chaplaincy at Christ Church - a letter from Clare Hayns

The following information is also available to view as a PDF with images, attached to this page.

Congratulations on gaining a place at Christ Church. I am writing to you as the College Chaplain, and I also have role here as Welfare Coordinator.

As Chaplain I am here for all college members, of all faiths or none. I live onsite with my family, and you will see me around, often with our little dog Layla. Since its foundation, Christ Church has been a place where faith and spirituality are valued. We’re unique at Christ Church in that our ‘Chapel’ is also a Church of England Cathedral and pilgrimage site for thousands of visitors every year. There will be lots of opportunities to look around and it’s important for you to know it is also your chapel and you are welcome to use it for private or corporate prayer, and to join us for any of the services/events taking place.

At the beginning of term, you will receive a Chapel Term Card which will have all of the information about services and events in the chapel and the cathedral. Services include a weekly chapel ‘College Communion’, Evensong every day at 6pm, regular services of Compline (night prayer), as well as social events and discussions.

Our hope is that people of all faiths (and none) will thrive at Christ Church. If you have particular faith needs that we can accommodate (whether dietary, provision for prayer etc), then please get in touch and we will do all we can to help. Please see this document about faith provision at Christ Church.

If you would like information about other churches  or faith communities in Oxford, including Jewish, Islamic, Hindu and Sikh societies, then there is a helpful webpage here.

College Choir

Christ Church has a mixed voice College Choir which is non-auditioning and sings in the Cathedral on Monday evenings as well as at special services and occasional trips. The contact details for the choir are below.

We’ve lots going on in Freshers’ Week:

Cathedral by Candlelight: a chance to explore the Cathedral in total darkness except for a few tea lights and glow sticks. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, between 8-9pm.
Cathedral Guided Tours: Small group tours for Freshers - times to be confirmed.
Chaplain’s tea and cake: TBC
Interfaith Tea: Sunday 9th October at 4pm (Killcanon 1)
Freshers’ Evensong:  Sunday 10th October at 6pm (Cathedral)
A special service to begin the new academic year, followed by drinks and dinner.

I really look forward to meeting you in October.

Best regards,


Revd Clare Hayns, College Chaplain

Chapel People and Useful Contacts

All Chapel events and services will be advertised on our Facebook group and so please ‘like’ our chaplaincy page - @chchchaplaincy

College Chaplain: Revd Clare Hayns (

Chapel Assistant: To be confirmed                  

College Choir: Peter and Connie (

Catholic Chaplaincy:
Roman Catholic Rep: Peter Varga (

JCR Ethnic and Religious Minorities Reps: Ade Olugboji and Nyat Aron-Yohannes

University Jewish Chaplains: Rabbi Michael and Tracey Rosenfeld-Schueler (;

University Muslim Chaplains: Professor Muhammad Talib (; Afifi Al-Akiti (; Sheik Ibrahim Amin (

Hindu Chaplain: Shaunaka Rishi Das (

University Matriculation

At the ceremony of University Matriculation, members of Christ Church are formally admitted by the Vice-Chancellor to membership of the University. New students will be matriculated at the end of 1st week of Michaelmas term on Saturday 15 October 2022. More information about matriculation will be made available during September 2022.

For further information, please visit this page:

Academic Dress

After your arrival, you should obtain an academic cap and gown. Undergraduates wear the Commoner’s gown (except Academical Clerks, who wear the Scholar’s gown). Details of academic dress can be found on the University website:

Leaflets from suppliers will be circulated by email.

Oxford University Term Dates

Oxford's year is divided into three terms and three vacations. Current and future dates of term can be found on the following webpage, including extended term dates for students in certain subjects: University Dates of Term.

Within each term, a ‘Full Term’ of eight weeks is the main teaching period for most subjects, running from ‘1st Week’ to ‘8th Week’. Students may be required to arrive at, or return to, Oxford and the College for 0th Week (i.e. the week before 1st Week), for example for ‘Freshers’ Week’ or examinations – all students will be advised accordingly. Each Oxford 'Week' starts on a Sunday; the dates given on the University website are from the Sunday of 1st Week, to the Saturday of 8th Week.

College Advisers for Postgraduate Students

The following information is also available to view as a PDF, attached to this page.

College Advisee: guidance

Every graduate student at Oxford has a College Adviser. This is often a senior academic member of the College such as a Fellow, but in many cases a wide range of staff act as Advisers such as other teaching staff, Junior Research Fellows, Senior Staff Fellows, or research members of the Senior Common Room.

Your College Adviser can:

  • provide pastoral support, for example on health, personal or coping issues, and/or direct you to appropriate persons for assistance;
  • monitor your progress, by discussing your University supervision reports and by being available for consultation, either in person or by email;
  • discuss with you any problems or difficulties you may be experiencing in your Department or Faculty, and/or with your supervisor;
  • consult the Tutor for Graduates if there are concerns about your academic progress and if you appear to be experiencing difficulties with your academic work;
  • offer guidance on sources of support available within the College and University.

In addition, your College Adviser may be able to offer you advice on academic-related matters such as: applications for research funding, conferences and seminar attendance, publication and career plans. 1

Your College Adviser is not expected to perform the role of your Department or Faculty Supervisor(s), and is not responsible for directing your academic work or for giving detailed academic guidance. Your College Adviser will not necessarily, therefore, be from your Department or subject area.

You will first meet your College Adviser during your first term, and you are encouraged to contact your College Adviser as and when you need advice or help. (You should also feel free to consult other College staff as necessary: see below.)

Your College Adviser may be changed during periods of sabbatical or other academic leave. Should there be reasons for you to seek a change of Adviser, you should contact the Tutor for Graduates.

Further information

This guidance focuses specifically on the role of your College Adviser. Your College Adviser will be able to direct you to relevant sources of advice and support, which you should feel free to consult as necessary. These might include (but are not limited to):

  • College Welfare Team:
  • College Academic Office or Academic Registrar
  • College Tutor for Graduates
  • Common Room (GCR) President or Common Room (GCR) Welfare Officers
  • College Counsellor
  • College Nurse or GP
  • College Steward’s Office (Bursary equivalent)

Your College Adviser should contact you during Michaelmas term. If you have not heard from them by Week 5 of term please tell the Academic Office:

1 College Advisers would not normally be expected to provide academic references, as others are better placed to do so. They might provide a reference for other purposes, such as Junior Deanship, or a character reference.

The Development and Alumni Office

The Development and Alumni Office stays in touch with students after they leave, and alumni continue to be very much a part of the Christ Church community. There are over 9000 Christ Church alumni, all over the world, and we stay in touch through regular publications and events. The Office is also responsible for fundraising, raising support for Bursaries, Scholarships, academic posts, refurbishment of buildings and much more besides. 

There a number of ways that, as a student, you may interact with the Development and Alumni Office:

  • Family programme – we offer a programme of events for your family during your time at Christ Church.  Please see the Christ Church Family Programme letter for more information.
  • Student Ambassadors – we employ 10-15 student ambassadors each year who join alumni events and help out in the office. 
  • Careers and Mentoring – we can help you get advice from alumni about your future career or mentoring support.  Much of this is run through our online platform:  Christ Church Connections:   Please do sign up to the platform and you can find out more.  You are also welcome to visit the office (Peck 9, first floor) or contact us by email
  • Speakers for Student Societies – Alumni welcome the opportunity to return to Christ Church and we can help find inspiring individuals to speak at Student Society events.  Alumni participate in the events of TEC (The Entrepreneurs’ Circle).
  • JCR/GCR Committee members are invited for a pre-dinner drink and a briefing on Development and Alumni activities on a termly basis.
  • Contributions to publications and Christ Church Connections – we welcome news articles and photographs for our communications with alumni. There is also a monthly video competition run by the Head of Communications. 
  • Leavers’ Gift – at the end of your time at Christ Church, you will be asked to contribute a Leavers’ Gift of £15.46 on your last battels bill.  This goes towards student support and is matched by donors and/or the college.  Information will be sent in the final term and you are welcome to opt out if you would prefer not to contribute.  Those who do contribute are invited back to College in the March after finals to join the Returners Dinner as a thank you.
  • Graduate Scheme Development Associate – each year, we offer the opportunity for a new graduate to join the Development and Alumni team.  The post runs for a year and gives the post-holder experience of running events, communicating with alumni and managing small projects.