The sections below contain information about IT facilities and IT support for students.

Please also refer to the attached PDF about how to connect IoT devices (such as Smart TVs, Alexa devices, Firesticks, and Google Home) to the Christ Church IoT network. Please email the Academic Office if you need this document in a different format.



There is Wi-Fi throughout the College.

Any breach of the Christ Church College Acceptable Use Policy and University Computer Rules and Codes of Conduct may result in access to IT facilities being withdrawn, which could include your email account being suspended and/or access to the internet. Depending on the severity of the infringement, a fine or further penalty may apply.

Connecting your own computer in your room

If you wish to connect your own computer to the College network you must agree to abide by the College and University Computer Rules and Code of conduct. Your computer will need to have all the latest security patches and antivirus software. Both must be configured so that they will update themselves automatically.

Connecting your computer, phone or tablet to 'CHCH-Members'

You will need your College username and password.

To reset or set your College password, visit You will need your University SSO details to be able to do this.

To reset your Single Sign-On password (SSO / webauth / nexus), visit


Eduroam is a wireless service available across the University and uses your University Remote Access password.

The username for your (remote access) eduroam account is in the format of:

chrixxxx@OX.AC.UK (the suffix MUST be capitalised)

Please see this link for additional support:

To set or change your password (eduroam / VPN), visit

Connecting IoT devices

To connect an IoT device (Games consoles, Smart TVs, Alexa devices, Firesticks, etc.) to the internet while at college, please read the requirements attached at the top of this page and follow the instructions.

IT Support

IT appointments can be made for help with any IT problems throughout the term. You can contact the IT staff by calling 01865 286001 or email: Any issues and enquiries can also be addressed through the JCR/GCR IT reps.

Printing, Copying and Scanning

There are multi-function printers, copiers and scanners in the Library, Liddell, Law Library, GCR and Peck 9 corridor.

Full instructions for use can be at found on this page under the Downloads section above. 

All printing costs are charged directly to battels:

A4           B&W      Single    6p

A4           B&W      Duplex  7p

A4           Colour   Single    15p

A4           Colour   Duplex  25p

A3           B&W      Single    15p

A3           B&W      Duplex  20p

A3           Colour   Single    25p

A3           Colour   Duplex  35p

Emergency Loan Laptops

The College has a small stock of laptop computers, which are available for loan to members of College who would benefit from their use for an academic purpose.

This will usually be to replace a student’s own computer while it is being repaired, and laptops will be loaned for a period of no longer than three weeks.

Repairs and Data Recovery

We can help with minor repairs and will attempt simple data recovery procedures - please let us know if you have a problem.


Office 365

The new Office 365 system includes access to the Office software in a much easier fashion than before, for up to 5 devices. In order to install Office apps on your Windows PC or Mac, head to from where you will be prompted to login. Use your email address (e.g. and SSO/email password. This will then take you to a SSO login page, where you should login using your chri**** username and the same password. After this, you will reach the Office 365 portal. Click the button on the right-hand side to begin the download and installation process.

Office Web Apps

In addition to the familiar offline Office suite, Office 365 also provides access to the Office Web Apps, a service much like Google Docs, with direct integration into your OneDrive cloud storage account also provided by Office 365. In order to launch these apps, simply click on the relevant icon on the left-hand side of the above portal page.

Sophos anti-virus

The university holds a site-wide license for Sophos, so you can download and install it for free. Visit and select the appropriate version. Sophos is available for Windows and Mac OS.

Other Software

SPSS, NVivo, ArcGIS, and Matlab are available under similar initiatives and can be downloaded from for free.

The University Shop also provides a selection of software at either zero cost or discounted prices, available from