Medical arrangements

All students are required to register with a General Practitioner in Oxford. You will be registered with the College Doctor (Dr Susanna Jenkin, Northgate Health Centre, 15 Market Street, Oxford, OX1 3EF).

You can register with the College Doctor by visiting the College Practice’s website. Students should access this website and register with the doctor as soon as possible. The website will guide you through the process of completing the necessary forms. Once you have submitted your registration, you will receive your welcome letter from the practice by email.

If you prefer to be registered with an Oxford Doctor of your own choice other than the College Doctor (details above), you must inform the College Nurse of the name and address of your medical practitioner in Oxford by the end of the second week of Michaelmas Term. Students from overseas are eligible for treatment under the National Health Service, provided that their course is of more than six months’ duration.

We strongly recommend that, if possible, students register with the College Doctor.

It is advisable to arrange for any normal remedial checks on teeth and eyes to be carried out before coming into residence.

While you are at College, your Oxford address is regarded as your ‘Home Address’ for National Health Service purposes. Therefore, you should enter this in the correct space on your form: Christ Church, Oxford, OX1 1DP.

Academic Registrar

August 2022