Notices and Useful Resources

The Blue Book

Christ Church's Information and Regulations for Junior Members - otherwise known as The Blue Book.

This is a very important source of information for our Junior Members - many questions relating to college life, both academic and non-academic aspects, are answered here, so please take the time to read through it. It includes information on the structure of the College, academic provision, disciplinary procedures, college facilities, including meals and accommodation, and welfare arrangements.

Parties & Events 

To hold a party or event in College, the Junior Censor must approve all parties and events in advance, either directly or after initial booking confirmation has been obtained. Application forms must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance or by 9 am on a Thursday for weekend events, or two weeks in advance for the McKenna Room or Cathedral Garden. (Hard copies are available from the racks outside the Academic Office).

Book Grants

Book grants from college funds are available to Junior Members of the college for the purchase of course-related books. Each undergraduate may apply for a grant of £330 in total over the duration of their course for the purchase of academic books essential for their work. The grant may be claimed in one, two or three instalments of £110 or multiples thereof and may be made in any year of residence. Download the appropriate form below. (Hard copies can be found in the rack outside the Academic Office.)

Vacation Residence Grants

Vacation Residence grants cover residence for examinations falling outside Full Term and may also be available for vacation reading in Oxford and other directed study. They are awarded for academic purposes only. The normal maximum claim except for those in their fourth year with extended terms, is for 28 days per annum.The grant will be automatically applied for undergraduates who submit their application for vacation residence to the Steward’s Office by end of 5th week, following the approval of the relevant Tutors, which will be sought by the Academic Office. Applications should be made via the online link, which will be emailed each term by the Steward's Office.There is no separate application form for Vacation Residence Grants.

Sports Grants

The college makes grants towards the expenses of any Junior Member who have been involved in University sport: A grant of £350 will be made to those awarded a full Blue. A grant of £250 will be made to those awarded a half-Blue or who represented the University (in teams 1-3) in a Varsity match against Cambridge. Application forms should be submitted by Friday of 9th week (hard copies are available from the rack outside the Academic Office). 

Travel Grants & Summer Bursaries

Christ Church has a fund to assist undergraduates to travel abroad in the vacations primarily for academic purposes (application deadline 3rd week of term preceding travel). The summer bursary scheme is to help undergraduates explore educational and career development opportunities over the long vacation. Funds are also available for graduate travel and research. Form are available in hard copy from the rack outside the Academic Office.

Download the appropriate form here:


Year Abroad Financial Support

Grants are available to support undergraduates taking a year abroad in any country as a compulsory part of their degree. Application forms must be returned by Friday of 8th Week of Trinity Term preceding the year abroad.


Room Licence

You may wish to refer to the room licence agreement between Christ Church and Junior Members.

Universty Student Handbook

In addition to the Blue Book, you may also need to refer to the University Student Handbook.

Language Grants

Christ Church offers 10 x £250 grants for Fast Track Language courses undertaken, and completed, at the OULC awarded on a first come, first serve basis.  Both undergraduate and graduates are eligible to apply, but a modern linguist may only apply to learn a language that they are not studying as part of their course. Junior Members who are not awarded this grant may still claim back half the costs from the college if they successfully complete a Fast Track course.

To apply please email a scan of your course certificate to

Applications will be accepted between 9am on Monday and 5pm on Friday of 10th week.

Certificates sent before or after this this time will not be considered.

Further details about Fast Track Language courses can be found on the OULC website:

Clubs & Societies Registration

The President or Captain of a club or society that wishes to be registered (or to reconfirm its registration) at Christ Church must complete a form annually and submit it for approval to the Junior Censor before events can be organised or bookings can be made in public or private rooms or at the sports ground. Hard copies of forms are available from the racks outside the Academic Office. Note that sports clubs should not apply individually, but should contact the JCR Sports Rep, who will submit the ‘Sports Clubs Registration’ form on behalf of all sports clubs (except the Boat Club).

Download the appropriate form here:

Student Possessions Insurance

All students at Christ Church are covered by a student possessions insurance policy, administered through Endsleigh Insurance Services.


Examination Regulations

Examination Regulations provided at the start of the academic year in the ‘Grey Book’ can also be found online.