Term Dates

Oxford's year is divided into three terms and three vacations.

Within each term, a "Full Term" of eight weeks is the main teaching period, running from 1st week to 8th week.

Students are required to be back at college by the Thursday of 0th week (i.e. the week before 1st week), but can come back as early as the Sunday of 0th week.

The dates given below are from the Sunday of 0th week, to the Saturday of 8th week.


Michaelmas 2018 - Sunday 30 September to Saturday 1 December
Hilary 2019 - Sunday 6 January to Saturday 9 March
Trinity 2019 - Sunday 21 April to Saturday 22 June


Michaelmas 2019 - Sunday 13 October to Saturday 7 December
Hilary 2020 - Sunday 19 January to Saturday 14 March
Trinity 2020 - Sunday 26 April to Saturday 20 June

The provisional dates for Full Term 2020-25, and extended term dates for candidates in specific subjects are available on the University website.