Welcome from the Dean

Welcome to Christ ChurchThe Very Revd Professor Martyn Percy

Since 1546, uniquely in the world, Christ Church has been a dual foundation comprising both a College of the University of Oxford - and the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Oxford.

As a College, it is one of the largest in Oxford, with over 650 graduates and undergraduates.

As a Cathedral, it serves one of the largest dioceses in England, serving the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

The Latin name for Christ Church is Aedes Christi. But to many, we are simply known as ‘the House’. Founded by a King and a Cardinal Archbishop, built on the bones of a Saint, it has been (at various times) a convent, monastery, royal palace and parliament. Even Going beyond Oxford’s (normal) peculiarities, we have our own time zone. 

Yet Christ Church is not only ‘the House’; it is also a home. It offers a friendly, open and relaxed environment, and is a welcoming place for all.

Christ Church has produced many British Prime Ministers (thirteen at the last count), as well as numerous academic, social, political, religious, business and cultural leaders from many different walks of life.  It is blessed with a priceless art collection (the Picture Gallery), a treasured Library, unrivalled literary history (from Alice in Wonderland to W H Auden, and Jan Morris), through to ground-breaking science (from Albert Einstein to Robert Hooke - and more recently, Sir Tim Berners Lee).

The Dean of Christ Church is also a unique role, being both the head of the Cathedral and the Head of the College. And as the 45th Dean of Christ Church, it is my pleasure to welcome you here. 

We look forward to seeing you at ‘the House’ - and trust you will find yourself at home here.

signature - Martyn Percy