Special Schools

Pupils with Special Educational Needs or disabilities are always welcome to visit the Cathedral.

We are happy to work with you to provide an educational experience that will meet your pupils’ needs. There are many hands-on and multi-sensory opportunities in the Cathedral.

'All of our children and staff have come back so happy! We have found a place on our walls for their brass rubbings …'

'The children really enjoyed the touching, smelling and feeling of all sorts of things. These kind of activities are perfect for a group with special needs and we cannot thank you enough for such a lovely visit.' (Teacher, Oxford)

Endeavour Academy students exploring the cathedral in a  multisensory wayAccess

Christ Church has been made as accessible as possible for disabled people, but it is a Grade I listed site, and some areas are still a challenge for people with mobility problems. If one of your pupils has special needs or a disability, please could you let us know in advance so that we can plan special entrance and tour routes accordingly.

There are ramps for use inside the Cathedral, but some parts of the site may be inaccessible to wheelchair users. Where a pupil has a mobility issue, we may be able to provide parking for a car or school minibus.

We have pre-visit materials to help support pupils with SEND, including Autism. Please enquire well in advance of the visit.

How to book

Since Special schools need special provision, please contact the Education Officer to make a booking and discuss the needs of your pupils: education@chch.ox.ac.uk

For more information, see Practicalities