Hakluyt @ 400 - Renaissance Scientific Instruments, by Dr Allan Chapman

Monday, February 6, 2017 - 17:15
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Georgiana Datcu
Talk / Lecture

Moon Viewing

Following on from my talk on 'Surveying The Moon and Virginia' (16th January) in the Upper Library, this session will based upon a practical demonstration of my replica  1609 Thomas Harriot/ Galileo telescope, magnifying about 20 times. On the early evening of 6th February, the moon will be just past first quarter, and (if it is clear) hanging in the south eastern sky in the direction of Christ Church Hall. I propose setting up my replica telescope on the northern side of Tom Quad, on the north range by the Canons' houses, with a good view of the  south eastern sky. I will also bring along my replica of Kepler's improved telescope of c.1612, so that one can compare the images, along with that of a pair of high-power modern binoculars on a tripod. All of these telescopes will show an abundance of detail, craters, 'seas', and mountains, none of which are visible to the naked eye, and which had never been hitherto seen, until Thomas Harriot in July, and Galileo in November 1609.  If the evening is cloudy, we can try the telescopes on terrestrial objects.