Travel through Time Virtual Tour: Cathedral

Monday, May 16, 2022 - 11:00
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View of Cathedral ceiling

Explore the Cathedral, from its Saxon origins to the present day, through its architecture, stained glass, people, and music.


Tour the Cathedral with an expert Guide while relaxing at home. Follow in the footsteps of a Saxon princess; see how a medieval monastery was transformed into a College and a Cathedral; and hear our world-famous Cathedral Choir in action.

  • One hour guided online experience, delivered via Microsoft Teams.
  • ​An exciting and innovative digital presentation.
  • Live narration.
  • Live Q&A opportunities.


Christ Church Though Time Image  

What To Expect

Discover the rich history of this unique Cathedral, and how it came to be nestled in the precincts of one of Oxford’s largest Colleges.

Travel virtually through time with digital models, detailed images, and videos that show how the architecture and stained glass has developed through the centuries.

Meet the key characters that have shaped the Cathedral’s history, including St Frideswide, the Augustinian Canons, Cardinal Wolsey, and Henry VIII.

Find out what daily life is like in the Cathedral today, with behind-the-scenes access to services, an interview with the Bishop of Oxford, and a chance to see the Cathedral Choir up close.

Steven Grahl Conducting the Choir

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Ticket Prices

£5 per person. Minimum booking = 10 people. 


How to Book

To make a private booking request for a virtual tour please email us with your preferred date and time and number of participants.


Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend a booking, please let us know not less than three working days in advance so that we can process your cancellation. Tickets are non-refundable after this time. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Are different languages available for the tour?

The public tours are only available in English. We can provide private tours in a range of different languages. If you would like to book a private virtual tour please email for further details and prices.

Do I need to have Microsoft Teams downloaded in order to participate?

If you are using a pc or laptop you can watch the tour live via the web and do not need to downloaded Microsoft Teams. However, if you are using an ipad or smart phone you will need to download the Teams app in advance of the tour. If you have any technical queries please contact us in advance of the tour and we will be happy to assist you,  

Is the tour suitable for children?

Yes. The tour is open to all. While the tour is not specifically designed for children, it would be most enjoyable for ages 12+. An adult, senior or student ticket must be purchased when buying a children's tickets.

Can I record the tour?

No. Recording, copying, or otherwise saving the tour is forbidden.

Do I need to have my camera/microphone on?

No. Only the guides will have their cameras and microphones on. You will be able to interact with your guides by typing questions in a Q&A box on Teams.



We are confident that our virtual visits can be enjoyed by everyone. As much of our historic site is not always accessible, due to the unique challenges of its sixteenth century design, we hope that this virtual tour will allow everyone to experience the whole Christ Church site in a fully supported and accessible way.

We will have a colleague on hand at all times to help with any technical difficulties that may arise, especially if you are new to Microsoft Teams.

Teams has the built-in ability to provide automated captions (subtitles) during the tour – let us know in advance if this would be helpful to you, and we can ensure that they are switched on.

Teams works well with screenreader technology, so accessing our tour should be straightforward. Unfortunately, the video content we will be sharing as part of the tour is not currently available for use with a screenreader. However, the video content is predominantly image-based, using high-contrast and high-resolution photos and videos, and much of the guides’ narration is explanatory and illustrative; all live scenarios will be described as far as possible.

If you would like the guide to speak more slowly you can ask them to do so via the Q&A box during the tour. You are also welcome to step away from the tour once it has started for as long as you need, without having to let us know.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your accessibility needs further: All enquiries will be treated in confidence.



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