Vivian Roy Saigol

Service number 63901

Born: November 4th 1906
Died: 1944

Vivian was born in 1907 in either Burma or India. His parents were Raghuber Dayal Saigol, and Mattee Ranee Saigol.

His father who was born on October 24th 1876, was a doctor in the Indian Medical Service. In 1901, he was boarding at 9, Maxwell Street, Morningside, Edinburgh describing himself as a General Medical Practitioner, born in India and a British Subject. For a number of years during World War 1, he was a lecturer in physiology in the Burmese Government Medical School in Rangoon with the rank of Major. When he died in Beckenham, Kent on October 16th 1929, he carried the rank of Colonel. The British Medical Journal published a short obituary. He left £3828-1-8.

On March 3rd 1912, Vivian, his mother and his younger brother with an ayah, arrived in England from Rangoon. They lived at Inglecroft, 46 Copers Cope Road, Beckenham which continued to be his mother’s address until, at least, 1948. [It was a substantial house with fourteen rooms, long in the ownership of Seymour Conway, a sugar merchant & amateur photographer. It was, later, pulled down and a block of flats was built on the site.]

Vivian was educated at Bedford School and Matriculated in 1925. He graduated with a 3rd in PPE in 1928.

Late in 1930, he went to the United States returning early the following year and described himself as a student with the Beckenham address. On December 22nd 1930, copyright was given to his play “A Social Sinner” described as “a comedy in three Acts and Epilogue by Vivian Saigol”.

On April 11th 1941, he was granted a commission as a Pilot Officer on probation in the Administrative and Special Duties Branch. He was promoted to Flying Officer the following April. On February 17th 1944, he relinquished his commission on appointment to the Indian Air Force.

He died in India in July 1944.