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If I want to study at Christ Church, how do I apply for graduate studies?

Please see our admissions pages for information on applying for graduate study.


Are there opportunities for graduates to earn money to help fund their studies whilst at Christ Church?

Regrettably, the opportunities for finding paid employment are very limited both in the University and Oxford in general.  It is not normal in the UK for students to work their way through graduate school as in the USA, for example.  Please see the guidelines from the University of Oxford for more information.

Please note that the College cannot accept the intention of finding a job as proof of adequate funding for a course.

Can alumni get married in the cathedral?

Permission to marry in the cathedral is normally given to members of the college within ten years of leaving. For more information, please contact The Chaplain, Clare Hayns.

Can I bring family and friends to visit Christ Church?

Christ Church allows free access to Alumni Card-holders and a guest during opening hours. The preferred point of entry is Tom Gate. For larger groups, please contact the Development Office to enquire about arrangements.

Can I stay overnight in college?

Alumni are welcome to stay overnight at Christ Church when there is availability. To make an enquiry, please contact the Conference & Events Office conferenceoffice@chch.ox.ac.uk


Do I have to take a pre-interview test for undergraduate admissions?

For many courses, you need to take a test or tests as part of your application. You will need to register separately for any tests, by a set date in October, and can normally sit them in your school or college, or at a centre near your home.

It is very important to make arrangements in good time, as your application may not be as competitive - or may not be considered at all - if you do not take any test or tests required for your course.  

Please see the University admissions pages for more information about tests.

Do I need to submit written work with my UCAS application for undergraduate admissions?

Some subjects require written work and it will need to be emailed to admissions@chch.ox.ac.uk

Please see the Admissions pages for more information.

Do you guarantee accommodation for all graduates?

Christ Church would like to be able to house all of its graduates for the duration of their course or research but, unfortunately, this is not possible as we only have enough accommodation for about half of our annual intake of new graduate students.  Some graduates coming to Oxford for the first time are allocated a college room for their first year. In this case, each student has his or her own study bedroom and the use of a shared bathroom and a kitchen.  Christ Church undergraduates staying on to do post graduate work are not usually offered a room for their first year of graduate work. Where possible, we try to put graduates who are new to Oxford on the main college site, but it might sometimes be necessary for such graduates to live in flats or houses approx 15 minutes walk from the main college site.

For further information, please contact the Graduate Administrator.

Does Christ Church have married/partnered accommodation for graduates?

Christ Church has a limited number of flats for married/partnered graduates, situated in the city centre near the railway station (approx 15 minutes walk from the main college site,).