How do I order an Alumni Card?

Please cisit the Oxford University Alumni pages to to request an Alumni Card. Alumni Card-holders are entitled to a range of discounts and benefits in Oxford. 

How will Christ Church make its decision about my application for graduate study?

When the College receives your dossier it will be passed on to the college tutor whose interests are closest to your own. The tutor will make a recommendation to the Tutor for Graduates and the Dean of Christ Church, who will make the final decision in the light of the overall competition for graduate places.

How will I hear about the outcome of my graduate application?

If Christ Church is able to offer you a place, you will hear from us directly. Our letter will explain what you need to do in order to confirm your place and you will also be told whether or not we can offer you a room in college. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified directly by the University.  

How will I hear about the outcome of my undergraduate application?

Christ Church will notify you by email in January whether or not your application has been successful. Your UCAS track will also be updated.  

Please see the University admissions pages for more information.

What are the arrangements for food in college?

The college provides breakfast, lunch and dinner, during term time that you pay for. All meals are served in the hall at Christ Church on the main college site. Outside of term there are kitchens in staircases and houses which can be used to prepare meals.

What are the fees for undergraduate courses?

Please see the fees and funding section of the Univeristy website.

What are the offer conditions for graduate entry to Christ Church?

Any academic conditions for entry are set by the University faculty admitting you and will also be required for entry to Christ Church.  We do not add any further conditions of our own apart from confirmation of your funding.   

What are the offer conditions for undergraduate entry to Christ Church?

Please see the University undergraduate website for the academic conditions for undergraduate entry, which will also be required for entry to Christ Church.

What dining rights do alumni have?

Eligible members are those who matriculated at the House for a first degree more than seven years ago or who matriculated at the House for a second degree, diploma or certificate of the University [or as a Visiting Student] more than four years ago.

Old members may apply to dine at High Table on two days in each Term. There is no entitlement to bring a guest, however, this can occasionally be waived and a guest welcomed. 

For further information and to book, please email the Steward’s PA, Jackie Folliard or call 01865-286580.