Using the Library

Christ Church Library for Students and Staff

The lending library is situated in the East and West wings of the ground floor of the Library building.

Opening hours

Open daily in Term Time from Monday (0th week) until Friday (10th week):    8am - 1am

Vacation (23rd March until 18th April)

Monday - Sunday:    8am - 8pm

The Library will be CLOSED to all its readers over the Easter weekend (19th-21st April inclusive).


Finding your books

SOLO is the online catalogue for Oxford’s libraries and SOLO can be accessed by clicking here 

To find books in Christ Church Library on SOLO click on the ‘All libraries/collections’ box next to the search bar and select ‘Christ Church Library’ from the drop down list. Once you have found the title you want click ‘Find & Request’, and again select Christ Church Library. You will then find information about the location of the book, the shelfmark which tells you where the book is in the library, and whether it is available. If the book is already on loan only a 'Due date' will be displayed. Books that have the location set to 'Basement' will be fetched as soon as possible during working hours. Books with the shelfmark between J/I-XXVI located in the 'Basement' can only be retrived between 9-10am and 4-5pm Monday to Friday.

The undergraduate and graduate collections are housed on the ground floor of the Library and are arranged by subject using a shelfmark scheme of Roman numerals.

The East Library houses numbers I-XXII, while XXIII-XLV and B, WI. are in the West Library. A map of the East Library and West Library can be found on the doors to the reading rooms. If you have any problems finding your books library staff are happy to help.

Student suggestions and book grants:

If the library does not have a copy of any books on your reading list, there are not enough copies of a set text then please suggest them for purchase. You can either fill in a paper suggestion form in the library or email the title, author, ISBN to

Suggestions will be made priority orders and will be with you as soon as possible. Once your item arrives we will email you and reserve it for you at the library's reception desk. 

We also welcome suggestions of books you might need for wider reading, or would like to read for pleasure. However we may not buy texts that are too costly or that would not benefit any other students. For these you can use your personal book grant by filling in a form and returning it to the Censor's Office.  

Borrowing, Renewals and Returns

Undergraduates and college staff can borrow a maximum of 20 items for two weeks. Postgraduates can borrow a maximum of 40 items for one term. Tutors can borrow for up to a year.

If you require extended loans, or any other help due to a disability please write to our Reader Services Librarian. This will only apply to Christ Church Library, to request extended loans at the Bodleian Libraries please fill out their electronic forms

You can borrow and return books or DVDs using the self-service machine in the entrance hall. If you have forgotten you university card you can also borrow and return items at the front desk.

Books with a red dot on the spine are reference only and cannot be borrowed.

You can renew the books you have on loan 4 times, please do this to avoid fines when loans expire. This can be done by logging into your library account through SOLO, at the self-issue machine in the library or by asking a member of library staff.  Please take care of items whilst they are on loan to you.

Holds and recalls

If you need a book another reader has on loan you can place a ‘Hold’ on SOLO which means the books will be reserved for you when it is returned. If you need it urgently a member of staff can recall the item so it is returned within three days. In both cases you will receive an email notifying you when the book is ready for collection.

Library computers, scanning and printing

There are three computers available in the library for student use, as well as a stand alone monitor, and wi-fi is available throughout the library.

A self-service overhead scanner can be found in the East Library which will scan to create a .pdf, .tiff, .jepg, etc. onto a memory pen for free (memory pens are available to borrow from the library for this purpose).

A wireless multifunctional printer is available in the library which can be printed to from the library PC's or your own devices (phone, laptops). To print visit the link and login via your Single Sign On. Upload the documents you want to print then at the printer select 'Papercut' and tap your Bodleian library card on the sensor. Your documents will then appear and can be printed. You can print in mono, colour, single and double sided on A3 and A4 paper. 

Learning equipment

As well as books, the library holds various equipment which can either be borrowed or is usable only within the library. Currently, borrowable equipment includes laptop stands, ergonomic mice and keyboards, coloured acetate sheets and coloured reading rulers, while items usable only within the library include back and lumbar support cushions, apple and micro-USB phone charging cables, gel wrist supports and a magnifying glass.

To arrange to borrow any of these, ask at the reception desk in the main library entrance hall, send us an email or ring the library telephone. All loans are currently set to a single week to offer trials of equipment rather than long term support.

If there is any equipment that you think the library would benefit from having, or a condition you are struggling with which particular equipment might assist with, send an email and we will be in touch to discuss the feasibility of your suggestion. 

Group study spaces

There are several rooms throughout college which can be booked as group study spaces. To make a booking please contact The Tutor's Administrator

Leaving your belongings in the library

The library operates a clear desk policy and will remove items left on tables at the end of the day. If you wish to leave your things overnight there are cubby holes available in both sides of the library. Please put a ‘Please leave’ slip on top of your items with your name and the date.

Library rules

  • Please don’t bring food into the library. Water in a sports bottle and hot drinks in a thermos are allowed in the reading rooms. The library can provide you with one free Christ Church water bottle per student.
  • Books cannot be borrowed on behalf of non members of the college and other students should not use your account to borrow. The account holder will be held responsible for all books and fines on their account. 
  • While on loan to you library items are your responsibilty and students will incurr charges for lost or damaged items. 
  • Mobile phones should be on silent and phone calls taken outside the library building.
  • Smoking is not permitted in or around the library.

Visiting Readers to Special Collections

Christ Church Special Collections are open to bona fide researchers by prior appointment only, information for visiting readers is available here.