Christ Church Library Newsletter - Volume 11 (2019-20) is out

A new volume of Christ Church Library Newsletter has just been published. The journal is available in hard-copy and online. This is an academic publication primarily documenting and interpreting aspects of the collection at Christ Church, but not only. All aspects of descriptive and historical bibliography come within its scope, including the history of the production, distribution and reception of books, provenance, the history of collecting and of libraries, paper, printing, binding and conservation.

The latest issue consists of 44 pages of articles and studies on a wide range of topics, highlighting the depth and variety of very recent research conducted on the Christ Church collections.

Volume 11 includes pieces on Hebrew incunabula in the Library collections, an exciting recent acquisition of photographic prints by Lewis Carroll (aka Charles Dodgson) and two articles on William Blake and the copper plate rolling press currently on display in the Upper Library, including an extensive piece on how the press was built. This issue also includes an indepth study on the 18th-century 'Great Rebuilding' project at Christ Church, a couple of essays focused on Lord Portal Papers (Lord Portal's 'hawking diaries' and the 'flower of Spain' in the Portal archive) and accounts on the exhibitions organised in the Upper Library during the previous academic year, focusing on the 'Thinking 3D' research project manifested in a series of public lectures, symposia, conferences and exhibitions organised internationally and throughout the UK and Oxford (including Christ Church), an insightful article on the exhibition 'Dimensions: the Mathematics of Symmetry and Space' (opened at the Ashmolean Museum in the 'Thinking 3D' series), attempting to illustrate, through artworks as well as the latest virtual reality technology, how to visualise and comprehend dimensions that are beyond our most immediate perception and understanding. Among the pieces published in this issue are also a brief report on the 'Nature Within the Pages' exhibition (which followed the 'Thinking 3D' events in the Upper Library) and an essay about the conservation work on Kepler’s Astronomiae Pars Optica. The final piece dwells on the making of a Renaissance bestseller, with the publication, in 1532, and 1606, of the Latin editions of Albrecht Dürer's ground-breaking treatise on geometry, Institutionum geometricarum, written by the author in German and first issued in 1525.

Dr Cristina Neagu
Keeper of Special Collections

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