Alumna Sophie Power completes Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc

Christ Church alumna Sophie Power has been making headlines after completing a 105 mile marathon only 3 months after giving birth.

Sophie spoke at last year's Moritz Heyman Society event about her business Airlabs and mentoring other entrepreneurs, being a working mum, and completing the renowned 'Spartathlon' as the only woman on the British team. You can read more about Sophie's Spartathlon in her article for Christ Church Matters 39. Although Sophie says that during her time at Christ Church she never ran further than the boat house, she has gone on to be a very successful ultra-marathon runner.

To enter her latest ultra, the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc (UTMB), she had to earn points by completing other ultras. Sophie had previously earnt a place in the 2015 race, but had to give it up because she was 6 months pregnant with her first child. Unable to defer her place, she had to re-earn the points for the 2018 UTMB, and having been offered a second spot, didn’t want to miss out.

Sophie says that ‘This wasn’t about making a point about a rule. This was about spending 2 days with myself in the mountains just focused on putting one foot in front of the other’. She didn’t know if she would even finish the UTMB, but although she had to take this ultra slow and steady, completed it in 43 hours and 33 minutes.

You can see clips from Sophie's interview with Victoria Derbyshire here and read her interview with the Guardian here. 

Congratulations Sophie!