Christ Church wins Second Place Young Alumni Challenge Fund Prize

Christ Church is proud to have won the second place challenge prize for the 2018 University of Oxford Young Alumni Challenge Fund. The challenge was launched in 2012 to recognise and encourage young alumni donating to their college. With the introduction of the Leavers’ Gift in 2018 and the continued success of the Moritz Heyman Society, Christ Church’s participation was the second highest across the university. The prize is matched funding (equivalent to two-thirds of the eligible donations), meaning that these young donors’ contributions are matched one and two thirds, after being matched by other generous Christ Church alumni.

The majority of these young alumni donated to Christ Church’s Open Doors (Outreach, Access, and Student Support) fund, which pays for programmes which attract talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds to Christ Church and Oxford and provides the financial support they may then need to take up their place and access the full Oxford experience.

Mark Coote, Director of Development, said “We’re very grateful to the 2018 Leavers and all our young alumni donors for their collective contribution to the college’s Outreach and Bursary Support programme. As a legacy to their time here at Christ Church it’s a significant and heartfelt valedictory gesture, made all the more impactful by the added contribution of the University’s Young Alumni Challenge Fund. It’s important that they know the difference they have made; to college life during their time here and now through the tangible support they leave behind.”

“As a young alumn, I have chosen to donate to current students at Christ Church for a couple of reasons. The college supported me financially at a very difficult and crucial time during my final year, without which I would not have been able to access the help I needed and may have had to suspend my studies. I am aware that this support will have come from alumni, and therefore want to be part of ensuring that same support is available for future students finding themselves in similar situations. More generally, I loved my time at Christ Church and took so much away from it. Donating towards current students is a small way to give back and to help students from all backgrounds make the most of their time at college.” (2018 Graduate)