European student guides arrive at Cathedral

Seven young European students will be arriving at Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford at the end of this week as part of a scheme called ARC, which stands for Accueil (Welcome), Rencontre (Encounter) and Communauté (Community).

ARC is an ecumenical organisation that provides free guided tours to visitors in major churches and cathedrals across Europe. Participants – all volunteers aged between 18 and 30 – learn to live and work as part of a community and appreciate other cultures. This is the 14th year in which Christ Church Cathedral has taken part in the scheme.

Those taking part this year are Koen ter Meulen from the Netherlands, returning for his third summer; Mathilde Tirard-Gatel from France; Clara Kratzsch from Germany; Federico Arguiñarena Diaz from Spain; Andrés Rea from Belgium; Giulia Marinos from the US; and Matteo Manzoni from Italy.

Right: ARC students in 2018, taken from the roof of Corpus Christi College