Press Statement from the Dean on Bishop George Bell

Those of us who campaigned to clear Bishop George Bell’s name and re-establish his reputation welcome Lord Carlile’s report, and want to thank him for the thoroughness of his work.

However, this is not an occasion for triumphalism. The Report makes it clear that there are now some important issues to be addressed. First, there must be some continued care and support for the complainant who made the original allegations. Second, it is clear that the Church of England’s procedures for investigating allegations of this kind must now be urgently reviewed and the necessary reforms made. Third, those individuals and institutions that rushed to judgment without sufficient evidence or due process must now revise their assessment of Bell, and so restore his saintly reputation and rightful place in the Church of England for generations to come.

The Very Revd Professor Martyn Percy, Dean, Christ Church Oxford


Click here to read Lord Carlile's report