Christ Church students win the Kellogg Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge 2021

The Christ Church team. Photo credit: Stephen AkpakwuGraduate students from the University of Oxford proposed financing to help beekeepers scale and expand practices that drive biodiversity conservation which secured the top prize in the 2021 Kellogg-Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge.

A team of Christ Church students designed the BeeBank & Brokerage financial instrument to address Sustainable Impact Challenges for the Kellogg-Morgan Stanley Challenge.

The team’s strength lies in their interdisciplinary skillset, as they come from financial, agtech, public health, and sustainability practice backgrounds, with a shared interest in making the future more sustainable.

They joined the Challenge to suggest a feasible, scalable, and replicable model that addresses agricultural, ecosystemic, and social issues that our food system is facing in the face of global pollinator loss.

The Christ Church team. Photo credit: Stephen AkpakwuNoah is an MBA student at SBS, formerly an investment banker with experience in development finance, Annabella is a former sustainability consultant pursuing her Ph.D. in Sustainable Finance at the Smith school, focusing on ESG and nature-related risks to businesses, Emilė has international public health, policy, and nutrition experience, and is pursuing her PhD in Neuroscience, while Dawn is currently a Skoll Scholar pursuing her MBA at SBS, who has a background in beekeeping and is embedded in the US’s pollination space, where BeeBank & Brokerage expects to launch its pilot.