Graduate student Lisa Thalheimer selected to be Global Youth Climate Network Climate Ambassador

Lisa ThalheimerGraduate student Lisa Thalheimer has been selected to be a Global Youth Climate Network Climate Ambassador. Lisa is currently in the first year of her DPhil in Geography and the Environment, researching climatic extremes and migration.

The Global Youth Climate Network (GYCN) is part of the World Bank Youth to Youth (Y2Y) Community, a multifaceted network of young professionals dedicated to engaging, inspiring and empowering young people in global development. The GYCN initiative aims to act as a catalyst for youth, both at the World Bank and around the world, to work together to develop and implement initiatives that raise awareness and mitigate climate change, taking action in partnership with other organisations working in this field. Lisa has been selected to be part of the first cohort of GYCN Climate Ambassadors, from 58 countries around the globe.

GYCN’s goal is to convene youth around the world that see climate change as the defining issue for their generation, and who would like to volunteer and advocate for that cause. The role of GYCN Ambassadors is to educate, empower, inspire and connect with local people in their communities, as well as collaborating with other GYCN Ambassadors worldwide to develop and implement initiatives to raise awareness and mitigate climate change.

Lisa said, “In my role as Climate Ambassador for the UK, I aim to bring together the youth around Oxford, the colleges, as well as the School of Geography and the Environment and the Oxford Climate Society, and connect climate initiatives around the UK and the world.

“As the GCR Ethics & Environment Officer, I see valuable synergies for Christ Church college life that we can realise on a larger scale through the GYCN network. There are many options to take action for making a positive impact on our climate. I plan to organise trips to nature reserves for our college to learn about endemic plants and animals, biodiversity and the impact of climate change. The JCR and GCR have a long-standing participation in the NUS Student Switch Off campaign. Catalysing Christ Church’s performance in climate challenges and energy efficient campaigns like the NUS one will allow me to engage with the whole student body. Fundraising events such as annual climate runs around Christ Church Meadow together with World Bank’s Connect4Climate are just a few of the fun outdoor ideas I have for my mandate.

“The platform provides us with the unique opportunity to collaborate with a great network in 58 countries, with young professionals across different disciplines all working towards the same goal: taking and catalysing climate action for a sustainable Earth.”


You can find out more about environmental initiatives at Christ Church on our website pages about sustainability and green impact.


Photo credit: Rinze van Brug