Statement regarding Professor Jan Joosten

22 June 2020 (updated 25 June 2020)

We can confirm that, following the conviction in France of Professor Jan Joosten for possession of images and videos of child pornography, he has been suspended by the Faculty of Oriental Studies and Christ Church pending further action. Christ Church has also notified local police in the UK and we are assisting their ongoing enquiries. 

The University has informed any staff and students who would have had contact with him and has provided them with the contacts of the welfare and support services, in case any of them require additional support.

We were horrified to learn, through the media, of Professor Joosten’s conviction. He has been found guilty of shocking crimes and we cannot begin to imagine the suffering endured by those in the images he accessed. Our thoughts are with them and with anyone affected by this news. We would remind anyone with concerns to contact our Welfare and Safeguarding teams, or the police, as soon as possible.