Christ Church Library Newsletter - Volume 10 (2017-18) is out

A new volume of Christ Church Library Newsletter has just been published. The journal is available in hard-copy and online. This is an academic publication primarily documenting and interpreting aspects of the collection at Christ Church, but not only. All aspects of descriptive and historical bibliography come within its scope, including the history of the production, distribution and reception of books, provenance, the history of collecting and of libraries, paper, printing and binding.

The latest issue consists of 40 pages of articles and studies on a wide range of topics, highlighting the depth and variety of very recent research conducted on the Christ Church collections.

Volume 10 includes pieces on a unique photographic print by Lewis Carroll (aka Charles Dodgson) acquired by the college; two rare editions of the Mantua and Cremona Zohars in the collections of Christ Church and the Bodleian; an extensive study on the earliest coin catalogues describing the Library's rich numismatic holdings; a couple of articles focused on Lord Portal Papers (Looking for 'Sholto' and More than Bombing Policy: New Evidence) shedding new light on the history on WWII; a cataloguing discovery related to a little-known work by Lady Eleanor Douglas, 'The Excommunication Out of Paradice'; and a seminal study on Cardinal Wolsey's 'Porridge Bowl' and the biographies of 16th-century Chinese porcelain objects. The final piece dwells on the disclosure of a small 18th-century coffee house library opened by Christ Church students in Oxford, and the role such institutions played in the emergence of the library seen as a creative workshop, not only as a repository of knowledge.