New Additions to the Wolsey Manuscripts Project

When we embarked on the Wolsey Manuscripts Project, we started by digitizing, and creating an online viewing platform for, two masterpieces of Flemish illumination, the Epistle and Gospel Lectionaries, now kept at Christ Church and Magdalen College, respectively. By launching a dedicated web presence we brought together virtually manuscripts which history separated. We complemented them with useful tools for research and with scholarly work focused on various aspects such as history, provenance, decoration and conservation. The aim is to encourage new research and add the latest findings as they are contributed.

The most recent updates in this sense are the detailed report by Carlotta Barranu (Parker Library, Corpus Christi, Cambridge) of the academic round table discussion on 12 May 2017 at the launch of the Wolsey Project website, as well as one of the papers presented on 11 May at the symposium, namely Dr Cristina Neagu's (Christ Church), “Emulation and originality in the illumination of the Wolsey Lectionaries”. Soon to follow will be Prof James Carley's (York, Canada and Kent), “’The riche Cardinal of Winchester’ and his ‘gildid’ Epistle and Gospel Lectionaries. How far can the material evidence be pushed?”