Australian Research Council Discovery Grant for ‘The Ancient Today’ project

Dr Arlene Holmes-HendersonNew Fellow Dr Arlene Holmes-Henderson will research ancient language education across world cultures as part of an international team which has won a substantial grant from the Australian Research Council.

Dr Holmes-Henderson is a partner investigator on the University of Western Australia’s The Ancient Today project, led by professor Yasmin Haskell. The team will examine the purpose and value of classical Chinese, Greek, Latin and Sanskrit language, both historically and within global education systems today. The project will compare teaching ideals and practices across different eras and cultures, as well as testing the potential of inclusive classical language learning to boost educational outcomes for disadvantaged students.

The project is will publish two books, a range of scholarly articles and a selection of educational policy reports to help better inform decision making regarding where, and how, classical languages and cultures are taught. The project will also offer PhD student training.

Dr Holmes Henderson said: ‘I am delighted to be collaborating with researchers in Germany, Thailand, Singapore, China and Australia to further our shared understanding of ancient languages education in policy and practice. By funding ‘The Ancient Today’ project, the Australian Research Council has made an important investment in Classics education research.’

Dr Arlene Holmes-Henderson joined Christ Church in October 2021 as a Senior Research Fellow in Classics education. Her research interests include looking at the value of, and access to, a classical education in the twenty-first century as well as Classics and employability.

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For up to date information on Dr Holmes-Henderson’s research activities, follow her on twitter @drarlenehh or follow Ancient Today @ancienttoday