Christ Church welcomes new CARA fellow

We are delighted to welcome our second CARA Fellow, Dr SA, a development economist with interests in refugees, wellbeing and women's studies. She has travelled to the UK via the Lebanon, from Damascus where she was awarded both her first degree and doctorate. She will be working in the Department of International Development. Her husband, HW, also an academic, has come to Oxford with her. He too is a development economist working on micro enterprises  and poverty alleviation.

Cara (the Council for At-Risk Academics) provides urgently-needed help to academics in immediate danger, those forced into exile, and many who choose to work on in their home countries despite serious risks. Cara also supports higher education institutions whose work is at risk or compromised Cara was founded in 1933 by Britain's foremost academics and scientists, in response to Hitler's decision to expel hundreds of leading scholars from German universities on racial grounds. Our founders defined their goal as 'the relief of suffering and the defence of learning and science'. Since 1933, thousands have been saved, but many more still need help.